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Distant Worlds: 4x RTS Space Strategy Game Released

By on March 26th, 2010 6:10 pm

Distant Worlds, a 4x RTS space strategy game developed by CodeForce and published by Matrix Games has been released yesterday: 25th of March 2010.

Distant Worlds main features are:

  • 4x Real-Time Strategy
  • Less Micromanagement on an Epic Scale
  • Special emphasis in Exploration and Expansion
  • Research, Diplomacy and Espionage
  • Spaceship and Starbase Design
  • Lots of feedback, information and help provided through tooltips
  • Galactopedia (with additional information and help)
distant_worlds_cover distant_worlds_screenshot_small

Check the following first impressions article “Distant Worlds – A new Real-time, 4X Space Strategy Game” for more information on Distant Worlds and also for some screenshots. Check the Distant Worlds Forums for game discussion.

You can buy Distant Worlds from Matrix Games here.

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