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StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty Preview

By on March 14th, 2010 6:21 pm

StarCraft 2 is a real-time strategy game developed by Blizzard, sequel of the successful title made by the same developer: StarCraft. The game features three distinct races: the Zerg, the Terrans and the Protoss. Each has its own distinct units, some of them returning from the original title, others completely new.

Wings of Liberty takes place several years after StarCraft: Brood War events. Some heroes will return like Jim Raynor from the original StarCraft. The game will feature a single player campaign that will allow the player to interact with those characters via several missions.

StarCraft 2 Trilogy

StarCraft 2 will consist of a main game and two consequent expansion sets. The main game is named “StarCraft2: Wings of Liberty” and includes the Terran single player campaign. The first expansion is named “StarCraft2: Heart of the Swarm”, that will include the Zerg single player campaign. The final expansion set is named “StarCraft2: Legacy of the Void” and will continue the story through the Protoss main campaign.

Although the game is divided in three different chapters all three races will be available for multiplayer since Wings of Liberty (with evolutions introduced after installing the forthcoming expansions).

The Story behind Wings of Liberty

As it seams the StarCraft II story will unfold during a massive Zerg invasion. The single player missions will probably focus on the evacuation of a planet called Agria.

But StarCraft 2 will not provide a linear campaign experience, it will let the player decide his way through the game’s story by choosing which missions to play next, so players can set aside specific missions in favor of others. These choices will affect how certain events and characters behave in the game.

The Cinematic Trailer

Or click here if you cannot see the trailer above.

Some screenshots (click to enlarge)

starcraft2_screenshot_1_small starcraft2_screenshot_2_small starcraft2_screenshot_3_small

The Terrans

According to the StarCraft 2 lore the Terrans are masters of survival, natural adapters to hostile environments. They are not as advanced technologically as the Protoss and not as skillful or physically vigorous as the Zerg.

StarCraft2: Marines (from

The Terran military forces consist of a variety of units. Examples of these are the Marines that make the backbone of the Terran infantry (above) and the light infantry support craft dedicated to air-to-ground attacks, the Banshee (below).

StarCraft2: Banshee (from

The Terran units have great firepower and possess very strong armor. Terrans are very good in defensive scenarios with siege tanks with its devastating firepower and sensor towers that serve as long range surveillance of enemy movement.

The Zerg

The Zerg are composed of many different species. They are efficient killers that aim of achieving absolute domination over all other races. They have a peculiar way to create units and buildings. They do not constructed buildings as normal inert structures but as biological units that are the organs of their colony, which is itself a living organism.

StarCraft2: Hidralisk (from

The Zerg military units are mutants that originated in other species that the Zerg assimilated. One of these units are the Hydralisk, a once peaceful herbivore that was assimilated into the zerg collective. The result was a fierce and terrifying zerg unit.

StarCraft2: Mutalisk (from

The Mutalisk were not changed much from their original form and are the main flying Zerg unit. Mutalisks are good at harassing the enemy with hit and run assaults, very dangerous when used in overwhelming numbers.

The Protoss

The Protoss are very advanced technologically and possess great psychic abilities. The Protoss have been enduring a very tough war with the Zerg (which is not going well) since they do not seam able to overcome the Zerg numbers, even with all the protoss highly advanced technology. Their intention is to invest in new technologies that hopefully can help them overcome the Zerg menace.

StarCraft2: Zealot (from

The Protoss military units  possess both individual warriors and a variety of robotic war machines. They combine technology and psychic abilities as their main sources of strength in the battlefield. The Zealot is one of the Protoss individual units. It is trained for hand to hand combat with martial discipline.

StarCraft2: Protoss Carrier Units

The Protoss rely on speed and mobility. One of their greatest strengths lies in their Ait units. The carrier is one example of their heavily armored and powerful ships.

Release Date

StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty is scheduled for release in Q2 2010. StarCraft 2 expansions: “Heart of the Swarm” and “Liberty of the Void” release dates are still TBA.

For more information and news about StarCraft 2 have a look at the StarCraft 2 official site.

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  1. matts says:

    man im so excited about starcraft 2 that i barely cant wait the release or a beta cd key (please blizz send me a key)

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    I’ve just got my Starcraft2 Beta Key last tuesday. Can’t wait to give it a try

  3. Dee Dorsinville says:

    I don’t know if Starcraft2 is ever going to come out. If it does happen I know I’m going to Zerg Rush my way through the ethernetz to get me a a dvd.

  4. Josiah Bausch says:

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