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Supremacy will go to Las Vegas for Official Star Trek Convention

By on March 16th, 2010 6:00 pm

Mike Strobel, the creator of Star Trek: Supremacy, will be attending the Las Vegas Star Trek convention in August 5 – 8th 2010. He will talk about Birth of the Federation and the development of Star Trek: Supremacy.

In preparation for this Star Trek event, Mike will release a game update in August 2010 that will improve the multiplayer experience and game performance. The update will also include improvements to Diplomacy and the Intelligence features.


Official STAR TREK Convention 2010 Las Vegas, Nevada

To find out more about Supremacy check the articles “Star Trek Supremacy – Open Source Free Game in Development” and “Interview with Mike Strobel | Star Trek Supremacy Lead Developer”.

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  1. GJ says:

    Good news! I’m interested in this project and might the game after the upgrade.

  2. Cristo says:

    Hello there,

    i just picked the latest article in this blog to say thank you for all these information. I am a fan of MoO1 and MoO2 of the first hours and looking for similar games the last (must be something like) 15 years now. I like the star trek plot either so my hopes are pretty high this might become very interesting here.
    Specificly i hope for a turn based combatsystem that played so smooth and nice like in MoO2.

    Question maybe you can dedicate some time in how freeorion is developing and seeing its release anytime this century ;) and maybe check the rumours about moo4.


  3. Adam Solo says:

    Hi Cristo, fist of all welcome to! As you I’m also a big fan of MOO and MOO2 games. Regarding Freeorion maybe you have already checked my article about it, if not have a look here:

    As for news about Freeorion there seems not to be any :) but I’ll check with Zach (the developer leader) to check how are they doing.

    Regarding moo4 rumors, its curious you mention it because I’ve been doing some investigation lately. As far as I know the latest rumor was that Brad Wardell (Stardock’s CEO) could be interested in acquiring the rights for the franchise to go ahead and develop MOO4, but .. that’s about it. I promise to continue digging some more on this.


  4. juliosan says:

    Is this game officially sanctioned by Star Trek IP holders? Or is this some fan made game?

  5. Adam Solo says:

    Supremacy is made by the fans, being lead by Mike Strobel. It is an Open Source project. I invite you to read more about it in an interview I did with Mike:

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