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Distant Worlds Patches v1.0.2 and v1.0.3 Released

By on April 10th, 2010 3:35 pm

Since its release in 25th of March Matrix Games has already released 2 patches for Distant Worlds. In 28th of March Matrix Games released v1.0.2, in April 8th released v1.0.3 that among other things fixes the following major issues.

Patch v1.0.3 major changes

  • Extensive memory usage optimization. Large games now consume much less memory which should resolve the crashes related to Out of Memory and crashes during save/load.
  • Added an AutoSave feature with a variable save interval between 10 and 60 minutes.
  • Fleets now respond properly to manual control and will not automatically disband
  • Added new buttons in the Fleets screen: Repair and Refuel selected fleet, Retrofit selected fleet
  • Several interface and functionality improvements including how retrofitting and ship design works.

For more information on v1.0.3 patch check Matrix Games’s Distant Worlds Gets Another Major Update and the following patch v1.0.3 forum thread.

Patch v1.0.2 major changes

This new v1.0.2 update resolves all critical and a few serious issues that were discovered in the week after the release, including an issue that could cause negative cash flow in the economy as well as several different bugs that could cause crashes on some system configurations.

For more information on v1.0.2 patch check Matrix Games’s Distant Worlds Gets An Important Update.

Download the Patches

Get the Distant Worlds patch v1.0.2.

Get the Distant Worlds patch v1.0.3.

You can buy Distant Worlds from Matrix Games Store.

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  1. GJ says:

    When can we expect the review?

  2. Adam Solo says:

    DW is a complex game, I’m taking more time playing and making the review than I first anticipated. I’ll do my best to post the DW review next week.

  3. Bartje says:

    Patch 1.4 is almost out, it constitutes another major improvement.

    The Developers are really comitted to this game; there’s even talk of introducing fighters and story / campaign mechanics.

    Awesome potential for an already fine game, in my opinion.

    I love the living Universe!

  4. Wolfgang says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I like what I see – still here are some improvements I can think of:

    1. Research should be the choice of the player and it should be tailored to the different races. This should include the AI having different research paths for different races. There can and should be an automatic research path (per race), but the player should be able to modify the percentage of research funds for each technology.

    2. With all the automation available it is strange that re-fueling is something which has to be done manually – or did I get this wrong ???

    3. It should be possible to select ships and fleets from the list and send them to a specific destination with a right-click. Double-click on the list should send you to the ship or fleet leader.

    4. The space around a space port can be very crowded and confusing when trying to select a ship. Perhaps a table should be displayed of ships in the immediate vicinity which could be used to select from.

    5. When clicking on a star it should be immediately centered to facilitate zooming in with th mouse wheel to see the solar system.

    I’m enjoying this even though after setting most things to automatic I’m wondering if my presence is actually necessary ???

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