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Gemini Wars: Gameplay Trailer

By on March 21st, 2011 12:45 am

Gemini Wars is a space real-time strategy game currently being developed by Camel 101, an independent and self funded game development studio. At first look the game seems similar to the Homeworld and Sins of a Solar Empire game series, maybe more similar to the former.

There is no fixed date set yet for the release of Gemini Wars. The release is scheduled to be somewhere in Q4 2011. For more information on Gemini Wars I invite you to read “Gemini Wars – A New Space RTS Game Being Developed by Camel 101 for PC and Mac“. You can get additional information about the game in the Gemini Wars official site or in the Camel 101 blog.

I leave you with the latest official game video, a gameplay trailer (watch it in HD!)

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