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New Shoutbox Chat System and Forums Re-Shape

By on March 20th, 2011 11:10 am

I have the pleasure to announce that the SpaceSector’s Forum now has a built-in shoutbox chat system!

You can use this chat window to say anything you’d like. Messages persist over time so you may send your message and then get back later to see the resulting feedback.

You don’t need to register in the forums to be able to chat! However if you do register in the forums you will get identified in your messages with your user name instead of just getting an identification number right next to your message.

The reason to include a chat window in the forum is simple: to increase interactivity between the site users. To offer a place for people to express their thoughts quickly and in a more personal way. To turn the site more alive!

Start chatting here.

In addition to the chat system I also decided to do a little forum re-structuring.

SpaceSector Forums Re-Shape

After analysing the forums current structure I decided to do a small re-shape. You can now discuss Space/Sci-Fi strategy games inside one of four categories: “Available Games”, “Games Coming Soon”, “Games Under Development” and “Announced Games”.

In each of these categories there is a specific thread open for each game. You can discuss the games inside each of these threads, or you can launch your own threads, as you desire. As soon as games get released or it’s status change to “coming soon” I’ll move the threads around to the right place.

I think this a more appropriate way to discuss the games. If you don’t agree, or have any comments, just let me know :) You can use the Suggestions & Ideas forum for that, alternatively just send me an email to

I think this new chat system and forum re-shape will attract more people to the forums. I’m also convinced that more people will find the site forum more fun! I hope you agree :)

Hope to see you around!


Adam Solo

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  1. Larry says:

    Hey, Adam! This seems like the best place to inquire about this, so here I go.

    I searched around on the forum for chat, but unless I am blind (which I may be) I didn’t see it.

    Luckily I know a thing or two about url mangling, and I found:

    Is this something visitors and members are actually intended to use, or is it a hidden or defunct page?

    Sorry if there is a link and I missed it, or if I have found something I wasn’t supposed to find. If so, please moderate this comment. However, if it is something we are supposed to use then maybe it is time to update some links?

    Thank you!

    • Adam Solo says:

      Hi Larry,

      The Chat function is defunct yes. I’ve installed it in the past, and I forgot I still had it, if it wasn’t for you to remind me :)

      The chat didn’t have any traffic by then, but it was a long time ago. I don’t know, maybe it will be something cool to re-activate at a later stage. Right now I’m not planning to re-activate it (in fact I’m turning the chat off in that url).

      I’ll ask in the forums what people think about this.

      Thanks for bringing that up!

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