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Sword of the Stars – Complete Collection – On Sale at Impulse

By on March 26th, 2011 3:18 pm

Sword of the Stars: Complete Collection is on Sale at Impulse for $9.85 (6.99€). This is an excellent opportunity to get your hands on this fine 4x space strategy game complete set.

The collection pack contains the original Sword of the Stars game and the three expansions: Born of Blood, A Murder of Crows and Argos Naval Yard. The pack also contains exclusive material, more details below.

Currently under development Sword of the Stars 2 will be the sequel 4x Sci-Fi game to the Kerberos Productions acclaimed title Sword of the Stars.

SOTS2 will be released in September 2011. By buying the original Sword of the Stars collection, at this great price, you get the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the SOTS universe in an affordable way.

Buy Sword the Stars Complete Collection at Impulse. This offer is probably limited in time so hurry up! Remember that when you buy games from you’re supporting the site. So please buy games from here to help me keeping the site updated!

If you download the Impulse client from this link you will be helping every time you buy a game using the Stardock’s Impulse System.

Get all the details about Sword of the Stars Complete Collection here.

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