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Gemini Wars: Alliance Assault and Missile Frigates

By on May 5th, 2011 8:18 am

The latest news about Gemini Wars introduce two Alliance spaceships. These are the Alliance Assault Frigate and Missile Frigate. The Gemini Wars developers promised to announce more spaceships in the coming weeks.

Alliance Assault Frigate “Raven”

The Alliance Assault Frigate, codename “Raven”, primes for its speed. It’s an attack ship equipped with light armor and light laser cannons that single-handed cannot make a difference against strong opponents but when deployed in group it is a formidable adversary. “Manufactured by Uxmay Defense, its design was tailored to suit the needs of a cheap but reliable raid vessel.” (GW developers).

Alliance young officers are assigned to Raven Assault Frigates. “Only the best (and surviving) officers get to be transferred to larger and powerful Alliance ships“.

Alliance Missile Frigate “Chimera”

The Alliance Missile Frigate, codename “Chimera”, is a highly charismatic ship. It served war a long time ago in a far sector and it made a decisive contribution for the Alliance victory there. “Designed by Ncom Industries (…) the Chimera was first introduced 12 years ago in the Urdani sector. It’s said that its effectiveness against USF forces greatly contributed to the Alliance victory in that region of space.” (GW Developers).

The Chimera is a support ship normally used to secure positions. “The Chimera is now frequently seen in patrol missions, supporting larger ships in task forces, or even in garrison duties.

Gemini Wars is scheduled for release in Q4 2011.

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