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Space Pirates and Zombies: Beta Released

By on May 12th, 2011 3:45 pm

Space Pirates and Zombies is a space combat game developed by MinMax Games. The game tagline is “Build and manage a pirate fleet and lead them across the galaxy.  Became the most notorious force in the universe.

In May the 9th 2011 MinMax released the SPAZ Beta. It is now available for Pre-Order at Impulse (exclusively for now). Soon after the beta release the devs plan to distribute SPAZ also on GamersGate, BMT Micro and other digital distribution platforms. They don’t plan to release a box version of the game, at least not soon.

SPAZ is available for the PC but the devs stated that they’d like to do a Mac version also “and even possibly an Xbox version at some point in the future“.

The game will cost $20 (US dollars) upon release. If you pre-order the beta it will be cheaper. “If you pre-order (which includes beta access) it will cost you $15“.

Exploration, Combat, Research, Design and Destruction

SPAZ is a space combat game with exploration, research and design elements. The game puts you in the skin of a space pirate travelling the galaxy from star system to star system in pursuit of riches. Along the way you fight your enemies, upgrade your mothership and your fleet.

Why zombies? Because there is a nasty zombie faction present in the game :)

MinMax games released a demo. Check it out! I played a bit before doing this post, it was fun!

The SpaceSector SPAZ review will be available soon. So, stay tuned!  ;-)

SPAZ Beta Release Trailer

About MinMax Games

“We’re a small two-man company operating out of British Columbia, Canada. Between the two of us, we have almost 20 years of game development experience. We’re dedicated gamers who are striving to resurrect the concepts of the golden age of old school games mixed with today’s high def graphics. We are strong believers in fun for the simple sake of fun itself. We like playing new and different games, and we hope so do you!”

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