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FreeOrion 0.3.16 Released

By on July 20th, 2011 5:24 pm

FreeOrion is an open-source project with the goal to build a turn-based 4x space strategy game that although inspired in the Master of Orion series the project members claim that they do not aim on producing a clone or a remake of any other game.

The entire project is community based. People who share the common motivation of taking Master of Orion, and the space strategy genre one step further are invited to contribute in any way they can. Some may contribute as programmers, others as designers, artists, reviewers or testers.

When I first introduced FreeOrion on SpaceSector the game was at version 0.3.13. I made a first-impressions by then. I also did an interview with the FreeOrion Programming Lead – Zach Laine – at the time. I think the interview came out really nice. If you’re a MOO fan you can’t miss it.

Now, a couple of days ago the FreeOrion project has released its 0.3.16 version. Changes since the last release (0.3.15 – from 5 August 2010) can be found in this post.

According to the FreeOrion roadmap one is led to believe that the project is still far from completion. Although a lot has been done already, apparently there is also a long journey ahead. For instance space combat, ship design and the tech tree are still being designed and coded, and diplomacy is still on its preliminary stage of design (the space combat prototype that can be glimpsed in the video preview is awesome by the way). Ground combat, space monsters and espionage, just to name a few things, are still to be done.

I loved the project the day I read about it and I think FreeOrion people have done a fantastic job so far. The problem, if we can call it that, is that the project is taking a long time to come by. The project kicked-off by 2003. Version 0.3.13 (by the time I heard about FreeOrion) dates back to 2009. Current version is 0.3.16 (released 1 year after 0.3.15).

These guys deserve all our appreciation for the hard work they’re doing. I’m sure their large majority simple do it for fun, but I know it’s not always easy to combine family life, a day job and a personal project at the side all at the same time. I’m sure they would be happy if you can lend them a hand. Check out in the FreeOrion forums the best way you can contribute. You can also donate to the project here.

I hope development can speed-up significantly, so that we can all enjoy playing one of the best space strategy game experiences being developed out there as soon as possible.

Check here for FreeOrion screenshots and here for a preview video. Download the latest version of FreeOrion (0.3.16) for PC and Mac from here.

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  1. Dart00 says:

    Space Monsters if im not mistaken, are in the SVN already.

    You can download the latest Windows build and patch 0.3.16 with it from here:

    • Adam Solo says:

      Ok, I’ll take your word on that.
      I didn’t tried the version myself, I relied only on the roadmap that freeorion has on the site. I guess the roadmap needs an update then. Documentation, who likes it right? :)

  2. eleazar says:

    Yeah, the roadmap is the big-picture plan, but we are not precisely following it, especially due to the uneven availability of devs skilled in coding the different parts.

    Space Monsters are now included in a rudimentary way. We’re working on more complex and interesting monsters for the next release.

  3. eleazar says:

    We’ve released 0.3.17 with a general emphasis on improving playability. The monsters now provide reasonable resistance to your expansion.

    We also clarified the roadmap, so it gives a better picture of where the project is to the casual lurker.

    • Adam Solo says:

      Thanks for your input eleazar. Will give this new version a look. If you guys need anything (feedback, more hands…) you can always ask for it here in the forums.

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