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Forums Reshape

By on August 21st, 2011 1:18 am

As part of my latest facelift job to the place, that I hope was for the best :), I decided to benefit from the momentum and make a few changes on the forums structure also.

Previously the SpaceSector Forums divided games discussion by time frame (available, coming soon, under development and announced). Not anymore. I decided to turn it more simple and functional. So, now games discussions are structured by genre, that I think makes much more sense. Each genre category holds sub-forums for the corresponding games that gained the right to be standout in a sub-forum. This is because the game has a big fan base, is a classic or simply enjoys enough hype.

There is a new Forum called Gaming Projects that is dedicated to all community interaction regarding game design & development. Have a game project? Are you still in the planning phase? Already in Design? Or you’re maybe finished and looking for help or feedback? I created this new forum for all of that.

The SpaceSector’s Articles forum section is no more. I decided to explode all the articles among the relevant forums and sub-forums. I don’t think it made much sense to keep it like it was. Now, for every article that is posted in the blog a corresponding thread will be created in the relevant sub-forum so that people can find it and comment it, all in the right place.

The General Discussion forum remained more or less the same. Now there is a new sub forum called Online and Mobile Gaming to reflect todays tendencies. You know – Facebook, Browser Games, Tablets, 3G Mobile Phones and other mobile devices alike.

So, now I ask your opinion to what I’ve done with the place. Do you like the new Forums structure? Have any ideas or recommendations that could turn it better? What about the site facelift in general, do you like it?

Any constructive criticism would be appreciated. After all this is also your place. Let me know what you need so that we can turn this site into the best experience we can.

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  1. jake says:

    I like the changes, well done. ^^

  2. dayrinni says:

    Looks good to me!

    • Adam Solo says:

      My biggest doubt is:

      Should I put the “Online and Mobile Gaming” subforum inside the “Sci-Fi and Space Games Discussion” master forum? But that wouldn’t make much sense right? The “Sci-Fi and Space Games Discussion” forum is divided by genre, not platform. And then what to do with the “PC, Mac and Console Gaming forum” also? Should I leave it like it is now?

      If anybody has some suggestions on how to improve the forum structure let me know. Dump subforums, create new ones, move, etc.

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