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Starjack Online: 4X RTS MMO Game Opens To The Public

By on August 23rd, 2011 9:58 pm

Limbo Game Studios, a small team of independent developers, announced that Starjack Online is now open to the public.

Starjack Online is a 4X real-time strategy, massively multiplayer online game that can be played for free. However it is not browser-based, you have to download client software in order to play.

The devs mention in their starjack online website that in terms of 4X, the game “will focus more on the technological, economical, military and political development of an empire”. I wonder where exploration fits in Starjack, normally it is a rather weak aspect of space strategy MMOGs.

But the basics seem to all be there – “you can extract resources, develop your colonies, launch your fleets, research new technologies and watch your empire flourish

LGS also promise to offer automation options to remove what they consider to be “tedium and the need for micromanagement“.

Being an RTS everything in SJO evolves in real-time. All happens within the same persistent universe, so, all actions done by every player affects all other players after the moment they occur, no matter if you’re online or offline. This is the standard for MMOGs.

An intriguing aspect of LGS is that the devs state that almost everything within the game is player created. Colonies, ships, troops, prototypes. They also state that the game offers tools so that the player can interact and manage that content. Interesting.

You can register and download the game for free from the Starjack Online website.

As typical in these free online games there are premium features. Subscribers will enjoy special benefits. There is also a special resource (usually rare or that can only be bought). Typically this kind of resources are needed to access premium content or to facilitate certain tasks. In the case of SJO that resource is crystals.

I’ll check out Starjack Online in more detail to see what it has to offer, especially what’s different about it.


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  1. Lordxorn says:

    This looks really interesting, thanks Adam!

  2. Adam says:

    I tried this game and i have to say it is intresting to play yet hard to play for very long, the game has no focus and no pvp aspects to it I would suggest giving it a try but don’t expect much.

    • Lordxorn says:

      I have also been playing since you announced it (PAXE), and I must say I think building and managing your Empire is a task in itself. At times it can be a tedious one, but other times I enjoy it.

      I think your comment about focus is a good one, and the lack of PVP. I venture to say that the reason for the lack of PVP is that players are wrestling getting their economies going.

      So yeah it will be interesting in the future.

  3. Adam Solo says:

    I played a couple of hours so far. My first impressions were very positive.

    I had some minor issues with the UI fonts (sometimes it’s not very friendly to read stuff) and the menu windows, which sometimes overlap and end up all over the place. Also I cannot seem to find some information, like current total available resources (but that’s maybe because I missed something, which is not god anyhow).

    But the positive impressions are far superior. The game concept sounds interesting, or at least unexpected (which is good): private sectors and the high-jacking of planets or systems. It’s quite easy to move around the UI, build stuff, it feels easy to get where you want to go. Music is rather good, although it switched off quickly, and then I could not get it back on. The tutorial is very helpful and well done. Ships/fleets move around smoothly and are easy to track. I had a smooth ride.

    I’ll continue to play on to see what else Starjack Online has to offer. Stay tuned!

  4. XMudder says:

    I just found this game and am enjoying it. Planetary development is very well done and challenging, for those of us who are peaceful builders. The combat is weak, but at least you are not being farmed or farming to get ahead.

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