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Legends of Pegasus: Demo Walkthrough Trailer (Cam) at GC

By on September 1st, 2011 1:23 pm

Legends of Pegasus is a 4x space strategy game currently being developed by Novacore Studios.

The game shall feature a mix of turn-based and real-time strategy gameplay. Turns when moving around in the starmap and real-time during space combat.

Legends of Pegasus is targeted for release in Q2 2012.

Have a look at this first look trailer. It is a video made at the Gamescom 2011 event. You cannot move forward the play and it is taking a bit of time to load so I wrote some impressions after.

You can tell the guy was a bit nervous presenting the game (or at least in a rush). I guess they sent the marketing guy without presenting him the latest build :) “You have … aah … different  … aah … icons in the colony” yikes!

Although the presenter says that this is a really early build, there’s really nothing that exciting aboutwatching this video presentation. There seems to be nothing really new. Reminds you a lot of Sins of a Solar Empire.

Colony Management is slot based, similar in concept to other games like Galactic Civilizations or Armada 2526.

So, is there any interesting new stuff?

Ships models look nice, and the modularity feature presented in the trailer seems interesting.

It is promised to offer a strong single player campaign, this time in contrast to most of the latest 4x space game titles that decided to offer only sand-box or scenario gameplay. A compelling story is also promised.

Non-repetitive but meaningfull voice sounds (when giving orders to ships) are also mentioned.

Let’s keep an eye on this one to see what new it has to offer. The genre is desperately needing for new ideas. Making the new “Sins” is not sufficient anymore. Let’s hope fore-coming games decide to innovate a little bit more.

For more information (features and screenshots) checkout the Legends of Pegasus press release announcement.

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  1. jake says:

    Usually any new 4x game will draw my attention and if it’s space based then it should be a day one purchase but for whatever reason I can’t get interested in this one. None of it sounds inspired, the story, the gameplay, the visuals absolutely nothing. It’s as if they wanted to make a turn based sins of a solar empire, ripping off ascendency colony management element along the way and throwing the boring but apparently obligatory real time “tactical” combat.
    To make it all worse they want to focus on the single player campaign and we all know how 4x games+ story campaign modes can only produce disastrous results. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good background story/lore/universe in my 4x games, specially if the authors can make it blend well with the gameplay (ie. moo2). But in addition to what I wrote earlier, the story is just incredibly boring and generic.
    The races also follow the same pattern: “mechanical insects” ? How original, and there’s only one other race apart from, you guessed it, us humans.
    A shame really, but well I’ll still be looking forward any news regarding the game in case they can pull a good surprise or two, even knowing they would need to change the entire game to make it good, but it’s a 4x game so even a bad one is better than nothing.

  2. Victor says:

    It’s saddening the fact that these days every single space game is almost the same. There’s no innovation, no one dares to think outside the “research/colonize/ships” formula. I have almost every single space game in history (believe me I do) and though TB / RT differs greatly, there’s no significant changes over the same-old-old-old formula. For instance, I’ve been wondering how was it possible for people not to think of different species (parasites?) or a species that won’t need research (yea it’s possible) in fact, all in all, seems we (the gamers) are stuck with whatever mix-and-blend product of the old ingredients they throw at us with. It’s not just MOO2, because everybody wants to mimic MOO2, come on, let it die already, INVENT people I dare you! Go wild about it, surprise us, challenge us, tease us! I want to see new stuff, not pre-concieved ones…

    • Adam Solo says:

      You didn’t mention it but if you think of 4X space strategy games there should always be research, at least that’s part of the definition of a solid 4X space strategy game. It’s also hard to think of a 4X space game that does not colonize other worlds (eXpand) and that it doesn’t have ships (the military part).

      However I agree with you that not enough innovation is being put into recent games. My thoughts on that is that people are still figuring out how to “make MoO2 with better graphics, micro-management and multiplayer”. Then perhaps innovation will start. But I fully agree that this is a very interesting debate and that a thread in the space sector forums should be opened to discuss innovation in 4X space strategy games. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Victor says:

    I didn’t mention it because indeed what I’m thinking is not take research entirely away from the 4x formula. I totally agree with your point of imagining a 4x without the research/colonize/military aspect. This is not my case. On the other hand, I was, if it can be seen this way, proposing devs a new “I dare you” way of doing things. The “let’s not reinvent the wheel” thought does not apply to creativeness, which is the real formula behind success in every game. It is what makes you stick to an old 90’s game still today. I said no-research for a specific race, so what I was trying (with failed success) to say was that, come on, those rules aren’t written in stone. Who said every single race in a 4x space game should research? Or should attack with ‘ships’? Or, say, conduct diplomacy… it’s not written anywhere but inside the finite minds of those who try to mimic a past success, as I said before. Why not, say, create a game where you have to adapt (really, adapt) your playing style entirely to use a race. With all the technology available today, all these minds (the devs’) should think about new ways of engaging gamers. Innovation is the act of introducing something new. NEW. I would give anything to meet a few people that would agree with me on this.

    • Adam Solo says:

      I agree with you on the innovation aspect. Little has been done recently to re-invent the genre. As I said before I think everybody is still focused in creating a better MoO2, because nobody yet succeeded on that (although I think we may be close on achieving that). This topic has no debate, we need new stuff. We just need now to know where and to which amount to innovate. I invite you to open a thread in the Space Sector forums to debate this issue. I’m sure that thread would attract some people for a good debate.

  4. Ap0c NL says:

    I don’t think he is unprepared but he has trouble finding the english words, that is all. They are Germans after all and usually don’t have to speak a foreign laguage.

    • Adam Solo says:

      Well, this was about a year ago, so it’s perfectly natural that he had a few doubts on what the game was going to turn out in the end. Not being native to the English language also helps explain it yes.

      • Ap0c NL says:

        That i can imagine. :) but why everyone bashing the game here i really don’t understand. But ok it was a year ago and that explains most. I was a little upset about all the replies here to be honest. Sorry about that.

  5. Ap0c NL says:

    Besides this video has only intresting and exicting things for 4x fans.
    People awaiting this game and eagerly asking for more information and this video tells it all. The guy from marketing tells just about everything that is important to know apart from details.
    Seems like the topicstarter only trying to bash the game and the rest only whining to whine (like is common nowadays).

    • Adam Solo says:

      The only thing people were complaining here was for a perceived lack of innovation in 4X games at the time Legends of Pegasus was announced (and of lately in any case). Most of which are even talking about this lack of innovation on a general sense, not directly against Legends of Pegasus.

      There was no bashing intended. From my part I was only attempting to do a bit of humor with the “marketing” guy’s uneasiness presenting the game at places.

      In fact LoP does innovate to an interesting extent by introducing a single-player campaign, something rarely seen in 4X games. I’m particularly curious about that part of the gameplay, and how that lore and story fits with the game’s sandbox part.

      I fact, and looking back, this is most probably the best LoP video they produced, gameplay-wise I mean. And, the producer does do a good job presenting it.

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