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Renations: An Online Sci-Fi Strategy Game Announced

By on September 15th, 2011 1:17 pm

Pikaia Games announced Renations, a free online browser-based strategy game (MMORTS) set in a post apocalyptic world.

Four Swedish brothers teamed up and founded Pikaia Games, an indie game development studio. Renations will be Pikaia’s first title. They’re punch line is bold. They say that “The game reinvents the genre“. Let’s see about that. Open beta (game open to the public) is scheduled for this Fall 2011.

Renations’s story is a bit cliché though. Somewhere in the near future a secret institute creates the first time machine. The events that succeeded that invention led to the “Great Disaster” that engulfed the world in a nuclear war which triggered a nuclear winter age. After thousands of years, after the long nuclear winter has ended, life reappeared in the surface of the Earth. Four factions rose to the surface. Renations starts from there, the resettling of the Earth.

Although the background story is beaten to death Renations developers promise to offer compelling story telling as the game unfolds and the plot unveils.

RENATIONS, features four playable factions, each one with unique traits, military units, buildings and research tree. RENATIONS is different to other similar games as it features extensive lore and emphasizes the art of storytelling. As you progress in the game you encounter many unique game mechanics such as siege weapons, rare resources, cooperative PVE instances, the ability to form treaties, the possibility to establish embassies in foreign nations and much more” – Pikaia Games.

The devs state that accessibility has been a key design driver in Renations so they state that no plugins or downloads will be required and that the game will run on any online device that has a web browser (including tablets such as iPad).

With the market almost saturated with not-that-innovative browser-based games I’m looking forward for this one. I’m planning for an hands-on preview of Renations in a couple of months. So, stay tuned.


Teaser Trailer

About the Pikaia Games

Pikaia Games is a newly founded indie studio by four brothers from Sweden. RENATIONS is our first game (ever!). It was created without a penny of investment. We made it for fun, due to our love to the genre and because we have a firm belief that these kind of games can be done better. We’ve focused on availability, an intuitive interface, a well written story – and – to create a game that is easy to learn, but hard to master.

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