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Anno 2070 Demo Now Available

By on November 7th, 2011 9:27 am

Anno 2070 is a Sci-Fi RTS game being developed by Ubisoft with a target release of 17th November 2011.

Anno 2070 is the new game of the Anno series that takes place in an Earth’s near-future where the sea’s rising level has destroyed the coastal cities. The player will need to gather resources, engage in diplomacy and trade with competitors in order to build a new society.

The player is offered the choice between two factions, that represent the two extreme ideals that we now face in our present time. The player may choose to play with the efficient and proven technology moguls called Tycoons and the eco-friendly sustainability seeking members called The Ecos.

You can grab the recently available demo to get a taste of the game. You’ll be able to play the first two missions of the campaign mode.

Key Features

  • Build massive cities
  • Choose between two factions: the industrious Tycoons or the environmentally-friendly Ecos
  • Evolving and dynamic world. You decisions directly affect how the game looks over time
  • Sea depths exploration. (e.g. algae farms, tidal turbines and oil exploration)
  • Multiple game modes. Story-driven single player campaign, sand-box mode and multiplayer and online features
  • Forge alliances with your opponents
  • Smuggle goods between cities



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  1. Kyle "Lordxorn" Rees says:

    This snuck up on my radar, I like the ANNO series. Will wait for some initial reviews.

    • Adam Solo says:

      I knew about it very recently, because of the demo release. I didn’t play the Anno series before but the series older games seem to be very good. This one looks good also. Graphics look stunning.

      I tried the demo actually. Had a bit of trouble with getting graphics setting right. At first the game was very slow on my 3 year old nVidia card but eventually I managed to tune it to acceptable performance/looks.

      I played for only brief moments. You know how RTS games look when you start a game, it seems there’s nothing around (actually there is never nothing but a headquarters and a couple of units). That’s the same with Anno 2070. It’s your typical RTS game.

      • Kyle "Lordxorn" Rees says:

        Anno has been known for it’s great economic strategy play with deep supply lines, sprinkled with some naval combat.

  2. Ermdog says:

    Sweet, looks like a great game. I’ll have to try the demo in the future. Just got DW/ROTS so i’ll have my hand tied for awhile.

    • Adam Solo says:

      Oh yea baby :) Let me know if you enjoy RotS. If you played DW vanilla you”re fine, if not than give it some time. DW RotS is a very complex game, if you never played DW you will not get everything straight on. Just warning you.

      • Ermdog says:

        Yeah I figured it was gonna have a steep learning curve from all the reviews I read, but it’s not such a bad thing.

        I got both DW and Rots yesterday so it’s all new to me and yes it seems very complex, but in a good way. I did the basic and advanced tutorials but that was mainly a interface explanation. Once I actually started a game I was lost on what I actually need to do. Its just a matter of experiencing and experimenting with things before I get the hang of it.

        The game recommended doing a quick start game to get used to things but I kinda wanted to learn from a new game. I think almost everything is automated in the beginning to so I’m not sure what ones I want to manually control yet. Any suggestions for a beginner would be much appreciated

  3. Fernando Rey says:

    I always wanted to get into the Anno franchise, however the “geniuses “at Ubisoft have them restricted in all digital download services I’ve tried; there is hardly anything more frustrating that reading the feared “This game is not available in your region” :( I am still determined to get Dawn of Discovery eventually, but it’s been more than a year and I still can’t get it. Right now is of no consequence really, because I hardly have time to play anything; although yesterday I managed to burn through a 2 hours of uninterrupted Civilization 2 : Test of Time game. :)

    • Adam Solo says:

      Anno 2070 is available at gamersgate (digital download) for pre-order by the way. Have you tried Civ4 or Civ5? Just curious why you prefer to play Civ 2 Test of Time.

      • Ermdog says:

        Civ 5 is great! The best thing I like about it is the revamped combat. Its no longer about building a ton of units, but a more tactical approach.

      • Fernando Rey says:

        I’ve used Gamersgate in the past(for Lost Empire:Immortals), the lack of a client really bugs me; I prefer Steam or Impulse for my digital purchases. However up to the cart, I’ve got no regional complains for the game in the service. Regarding the Civs, I’ve them all but the first; out of the lot Civ2 is my all time favorite. I’ve spend literally thousands of hours playing that game.

        Civ5 was a big disappointment, pre-ordered it and when it arrived it had a bug which meant it couldn’t be played at all in Spanish XP PCs. They took more than two weeks to fix it, that was a really bad start really. But the game itself didn’t really got me excited, the city spawn strategy is the dumbest thing ever. I hope it’s better now, a gazillion patches later; I might install it again, to see what and how much has changed.

        • Adam Solo says:

          I’m also a bit disappointed with Civ 5 myself (Civ 4 BTS is my all time favorite Civ). I guess Civ 5 should be much better now after so many patches. I will try it again when I find the time.

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