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Gratuitous Tank Battles: Alpha Battle Footage

By on November 11th, 2011 2:46 am

Gratuitous Tank Battles, a sci-fi real-time strategy/tower defense hybrid game, takes place in an alternate history set in a world where world war 1 continues for 200 years,  featuring laser weapons, tanks and mechs. GTB release date is set to Q1 2012 for both PC and Mac.

Positech Games, or UK Indie pc-developer Cliff Harris, released a new video showing off the battles, the tower-defense side of the game. You can find more on Cliff and GTB on Cliffs’ development blog.

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  1. Ermdog says:

    Looks pretty interesting, almost like a reverse tower defense.

  2. Zeraan says:

    Yeah, it looks very interesting! Wouldn’t mind getting it!

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