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Explore the Galaxy with Star Prospector – Coming Soon Space RTS for the PC

By on December 27th, 2011 11:00 am

Cryptstone Games, a computer game development company located in Vancouver Canada, is developing Star Prospector, a single-player real-time strategy game set in a future science fiction universe.

Star Prospector’s devs have released a trailer of their game a couple of days ago. By watching you can see that they mixed elements of RPG and real-time strategy. In Star Prospector the player takes the role of a prospector, and in each mission you take you will mine, salvage and build a base on remote planets across the galaxy in search for resources, technology and adventure. That’s the strategy part. The RPG part is where you end up getting loot drops and skill points that at each level of experience increase will allow you to access new units, buildings and items.


  • 100 randomly generated missions (including story centric missions) within a galaxy that is unique for every player.
  • Earn experience, skill points, and credits from missions to purchase units, upgrades, and weapons.
  • Battle against brutal Scavenger forces as well as a myriad of hostile creatures.
  • Scan and mine ore, build wells to collect fuel, defend your base with turrets.
  • Units gain combat experience and level-up within each mission and can be upgraded with shields, armor, damage, and other attributes.
  • Collect loot from enemies. Use your rig to salvage wreckage for unique items.
  • Outfit your Rig with weapons and modules to boost your stats.

The Story

It is the year 2158, and after a hundred years of space exploration humanity has still only visited a small fraction of our galaxy. Corporations routinely send out one-man prospectors, via warp gates, to locate energy-dense resource locations on remote planets and asteroids. Based on the prospector’s findings, and if they manage to survive, the corporations launch large factory-builders to start full-scale mining operations.

The Prospector Guild is an organization established to train, regulate, and provide jobs for the prospectors. Prospectors have become more than just mere miners. They are explorers, mercenaries, archaeologists, and entrepreneurs. The Scavengers were once human exiles of Earth. Now they are cyborgs, spread in sparse groups across the unexplored worlds.

Star Prospector looks and feels pretty much like your typical Command & Conquer or Warcraft 3 RTS game set in space. Much like StarCraft. Star Prospector seems to incorporate a few nice touches of exploration with randomly generated missions per galaxy, but the core seems to focus around base building and real-time battles in alien worlds.

For more information please head on to Cryptstone’s website. In there you will find more screenshots and a few very interesting gameplay trailers too.

Star Prospector was recently in beta stage so it’s expected to release soon, and exclusively, for the PC. So, stay tuned!

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  1. w3a7herman says:

    Does not look like much to be honest, lacks depth but then again hard to tell….but yuck

  2. SolCommand says:

    I actually enjoyed watching the trailer mostly because I really liked their graphics, more specifically their models hehe :) They seemed to simple however somehow they were cool.

  3. Cristo says:

    The trailer rather made me not read the article.
    I am sorry i dont share the same enthusiasm about crap gfx like you ;).
    Its not like 4x needs the best gfx but it simply looks half arsed. loveless green rendered river and chess figures shooting red bombs on objects O_o. It kind of makes me imagine the depth of the game.

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