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Stellar Impact New Trailer

By on December 10th, 2011 10:10 am

Tindalos Interactive has just released a new trailer of Stellar Impact, their online space tactical game.

After a bit of a rough start, due to lack of players, Tindalos has evolved the game’s business model and Stellar Impact has now a much more solid player base. When the game was first released players were only allowed to play a limited amount of games. Now the limit is how much you can level up your ships.

Stellar Impact is free to play however there is a premium account (a single and final purchase) where you will be able to unlock much stuff and above all that be allowed to level up your ships further. For more info checkout the Stellar Impact review.

New Trailer

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  1. Kyle "Lordxorn" Rees says:

    Maybe the change will warrant another look. I like the premise, and I never really got into how much you could upgrade.

  2. null says:

    So buggy I can’t even log in. Translation is extremely poor. Don’t waste your time.

    The login bug is hilariously bad. If you mistype your password, it displays the login screen again with an apparent option to email you a new password. If you ignore that and type in the wrong (i’m assuming I typed it in wrong) password again, it will automatically send you an email asking you to validate your new password. The problem is, it doesn’t send you a new password, and the validate link it sends you to just sends you to a page that says “New password validated.” and that’s it. You aren’t logged in, and presumably your password has been changed, and you have no way of finding out what it is.

    tl;dr type your password incorrectly twice into the web site, and you can never login again.

    • Adam Solo says:

      Wow, now that login bug is really strange. I don’t recall having witnessed any bugs in-game though. The tutorial did have poor translation. Well, the tutorial was really bad in fact. But aside that I found the game quite enjoying, and I’m even not that much of an online gaming fan. Also, don’t forget that they are still in beta.

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