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Gemini Wars – Status Update and New Gameplay Video

By on January 23rd, 2012 3:46 am

Gemini Wars official release date is set for Q1 2012, however the European version (to be released by Iceberg Interactive) is due for April, 20 2012, for a release price of 29.99€. Yesterday, and after a long (apparent) dormant period with no news, Camel 101 has released a new Gemini Wars gameplay video and announced that they are making the final touches on their game.

What’s left them to get the game out?

Balancing: we‘re still balancing the game; it’s quite big, that’s the reason it’s taking so long. Some polishing (textures and sounds) and testing; multiplayer testing is also underway. ~Camel 101

Here is the gameplay video that got released yesterday.

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  1. BiggTedd says:

    Looks cool, would have liked to see a bit more action though :( Are they an indie group?

  2. BiggTedd says:

    Thanks Adam, looks very cool, have to add that one to the list as well!

  3. Claude says:

    Mmmm… interesting.
    The preview is tempting.
    It’s a “real time strategy” game I suppose?
    Usually, I prefer a turn-based challenge, but if it’s possible to pause the game, or slow it down, OK then.

    Thanks Adam

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