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The Concept Art of XCOM: Enemy Unknown

By on January 11th, 2012 1:53 pm

I guess this is XCOM: Enemy Unknown’s week :)

Folks at Game Informer have put up the first XCOM: Enemy Unknown video footage showcasing the concept art behind the game.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown’s Art director Greg Foertsch from Firaxis, that started in Microprose back in 1995, working side by side with Sid Meier, talks that “having the opportunity to work on a sci-fi game is like finding the holy grail”. He also talked about the process of coming up with the right soldier looks, so that soldiers don’t look too much like G.I. Joes or like Space Marines but still keep the sci-fi looks (they look pretty cool by the way). Greg also shows off weapons, the drop-off vehicle and the interceptor. Both look awesome. You can see by watching the video that they tried hard to keep the original game’s look & feel always present during concept design (even the music if you listen carefully reminds you of the original UFO: Enemy Unknown).

Go to Game Informer to watch the video. Today, they’ve also released three new screenshots. I’ll post them soon after this post.

I’ll keep you guys informed as more info gets in.

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  1. Claude says:

    I’m confused. When asked (Firaxis) if the game is a re-make, the response is “Kind of”. And now, it’s the opposite.


    They can’t hide the truth for always. Real previews of the game will tell us more.
    But I admit; I have a good feeling.


    • Adam Solo says:

      It’s probably a mix between a remake/re-imagining. In fact a re-imagining is considered by some as a “weak” remake, i.e. that “re-imagining [are] (…) remakes which do not closely follow the original” (wiki).

      Looks like they have used the original game’s look & feel, gameplay mechanics and background story as reference material, but the art is completely new. They are probably going to renovate the game further with different weapons, music, sounds, mission types for example. I don’t know, I’m just speculating from what I saw in the video and from the screenshots :)

      I also have a good feeling, now that I watched the video and saw the new screenshots.

  2. Seboss says:

    Hmm, the soldier on the left kinda looks like Adam Baldwin.

    • Adam Solo says:

      So sorry Seboss, I changed the image. I googled Adam Baldwin, the resemblance is indeed striking :) 1.56m in the video in case other people are interested to have a look :)

  3. eleazar says:

    Did anybody really think they would just add new graphics and leave the mechanics and concepts entirely unchanged? Since when does a top studio do that? Firaxis doesn’t. Each version of Civ is different.

    I love X-com, but i also want to see what Firaxis can bring to the table. I expect that this new game will be better in some ways, (besides the obvious graphics and GUI). In other ways it will simply be different– which is fine too. I don’t think this genre has been very well explored.

    And anyway i don’t think it would be much fun if there wasn’t new content to figure out and new strategies to devise.

    • Evil Azrael says:

      Did anybody really think they would just add new graphics and leave the mechanics and concepts entirely unchanged? Since when does a top studio do that?

      I think Electronic Arts does this every year with their EA $Sport $Year games.

    • eleazar says:

      I didn’t specify, but i was thinking about when a “classic” game is revived.

      Perhaps you are right about sports games, i don’t pay any attention to them.

  4. Chris says:

    Well the UFO series that came after the first XCom Trilogy tried to be different but still keep the same concept. It kind of failed and was not that great in the end. Sometimes you should just stay to the formula and sometimes innovation is the key. The balance is the hardest part. Although I have to say that this remake looks rather promising.

    Peace through Power.

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