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Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion – Video Preview and Beta Starting News

By on February 29th, 2012 5:31 pm

Sins Rebellion: Titan shipyard

Stardock has released a video preview just now showing off Sins’ graphical update, the new factions, Titans and new capital ships. Stardock also advanced that they are going to go open public beta (what they call BETA 1) tomorrow (1st of March 2012). In their words “tomorrow, we plan to release BETA 1 of Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion so users can see both the graphical update and, more importantly, the new Rebellion and Loyalist factions, Titans, new capital ships and the hundreds of other changes and additions to the Sins of a Solar Empire universe”. You have some Sins of a Solar Empire screens here.

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  1. Claude says:

    I’m testing right now “Fallen Enchantress” from Stardock, and tomorrow, I’ll have access I suppose to the Beta version of “Rebellion”.

    :-) A lot of reports (bugs) to send!

    • Adam Solo says:

      How does it feel to be a Stardock employee? ;)

      Don’t know if you have some kind of NDA regarding fallen enchantress but how do you like it so far? Have you played the original Elemental game? Reviews were catastrophic…It’s always sad to see a turn-based strategy game fail so bad :(

    • Claude says:

      I didn’t play the original “Elemental” game. Too much bad reviews. But “Fallen Enchantress” is different, because Kael (Derek Paxton) is involved now in the project. I trust him. He did a great MOD for Civilization IV (Fall from Heaven I & II), a kind of “Master of Magic 2”, using the Civ4 engine.

      If I enjoy “Fallen Enchantress” (my best hope in fact)? Yes. A lot!
      I’m not lying.
      But IT is a Beta release, so patience is required.

      And I like to send reports and try to help Stardock.


      • Adam Solo says:

        Jon Shafer from Civ 5 is also in the project right? And you add Derek from Civ 4 modding, looks like a good team. Stardock can’t fail again, so, fallen enchantress should be good.

        I also don’t mind to help Stardock in any way I can. GalCiv and Sins were and are great space strategy games. Who knows what will come next. I hope Brad buys Master of Orion from Atari soon. I’ve been trying to impregnate that idea in Brad for some time now. So far no response, which is not bad :)

    • Claude says:

      I didn’t know about Jon Shafer. But I remember now: I saw both guys in an interview (YouTube ; The Escapist GDC Coverage).

      Better than I thought.

      Thank you for the information.

      I’m realistic.
      I don’t want 2 expansion packs + the game.
      I want the game, and later, 1 or 2 expansion packs.


    • MammothIL says:

      Same here! I got access to elemental-FA alpha, and will get Rebellion beta today – pure joy :-). On the sidenote, I must say that Stardock realy earned my respect with the way they handeld the bad reviews on elemental, both compensating the customers and improving the game. Fallen Enchantress is still a Beta, and the game is already pretty great.

  2. aReclusiveMind says:

    Hmm, so perhaps I can try the game out afterall. I know a few of you were recommending the game based on its single player experience to me, but I’m still not sure it’s got the gameplay I’m looking for. Especially considering all the other games coming out, both games in the space genre covered on this site and in other genres I enjoy.

    I’ve been in the Fallen Enchantress beta for awhile as well since I had preordered Elemental:WoM. I haven’t played it in a couple weeks, but the prior patch was enjoyable. The main issue was the game became too easy after a bit and I had to mop up/form alliances with my superhero stack to finish up. Similar to the end of a Space 4x game, it became a rather tedious process to “Win” officially. Luckily they allowed me to form alliances with two of the factions and eliminate the others to earn a diplomatic victory. I believe a few of the superhero stack issues have been addressed in the recent patch though.

  3. TimmY says:

    I can play SoaSE perfectly now on my laptop and I hope it can handle Rebellion too.

    Any system requirements yet?

    • Adam Solo says:

      Good question. Stardock staff had this to say about system requirements difference from the original Sins.

      Yarlen: “If it supports Pixel Shader 3.0 you should be fine.”

      You have what I suppose are the general Sins system requirements here.

      Game debate has already some recommended specs, although I don’t have a clue where they got that from.

    • TimmY says:

      I have good CPU and RAM but my video card is not that great, dedicated but with only 512 ram( 64 bits). It has 4.1 shader but 64 bits on memory sucks.

    • Adam Solo says:

      So, you have a 64 bits video card but the rest of your system is 32 bits? But, your card is backward compatible right? It would take advantage of the 64 bits if the CPU were 64 bits. So, what is the problem with your video card?

  4. TimmY says:

    Maybe I didn’t say it right. The memory bus width is 64 bit. Only on low level video cards you will see this.

    Anyway this is my sistem:

    Cpu: i7 720QM
    Video: NVIDIA GeForce 310M
    Ram: 4 gb ddr3

    I can’t complain, I play a lot of games with this setup, even games that are new.

  5. Claude says:

    Downloading via Steam.


    Farewell everyone!

  6. zigzag says:

    I played the beta yesterday and have mixed feelings. The core game is still the same great game that I remember, but many of the new mechanics don’t feel as though they integrate as smoothly into the game as in past expansions. (Compare, for example, Rebellion’s handling of boarding actions with Gemini Wars’ handling.) I think this is similar to what someone said in the other thread when he/she posted that the developers “couldn’t get more” out of the game. The core game and user interface just weren’t designed to accommodate all of the additions. The tech trees also feel overly crowded. I think the game would be better if the additions were coupled with removals. That said, anyone who’s a fan of the previous games or never had the chance to play the previous games should play it.

    • Adam Solo says:

      That’s unfortunate to hear. Probably Kyle “Lordxorn” Rees, the Space Sector writer and contributor that posted a comment saying that they “couldn’t get more out of the game” statement was right all along. You seem to confirm his feelings and profecy about Sins and Rebellion with your first impressions.

      Anyway, surely there are very good things about Rebellion to justify the big price no? Tell us about the Titans, new capital ships, corvettes and the feeling of playing with the new factions, if you may of course.

    • zigzag says:

      I think the price is justified – it’s difficult to gauge the amount of content since only TEC factions are playable in the beta. My criticism was that game just doesn’t feel as ‘coherent’ as its predecessors in the sense that elements don’t fit together as nicely. But even in this respect, it’s still far better than every other entry in the genre.

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