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Imperium Galactica II Now Available for the iPad !!

By on March 31st, 2012 4:34 am

Imperium Galactica 2 | iPad

Attention on deck! Digital reality has just made his 4X real-time strategy game hit, Imperium Galactica II, available on the App Store, exclusively for the iPad.

Imperium Galactica II – Alliances is undoubtedly one of the space 4X game’ landmarks, and it happens to be also one of my favorites. Although its real-time mechanics were not new on a 4X game, they were undoubtedly a good step on innovating the genre, that by then (in early 2000) was ruled by turn-based titles like Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri or Star Trek: The Birth of the Federation.

One of Imperium Galactica II’ more memorable features was its colony development, that was outstandingly complex and deep for a 4X game, and you could even see and control ground combat on the planet colonies on a typical RTS fashion. But there is also all the typical 4X elements like ship design, spying, research, diplomacy and space combat. If you have an iPad and love 4X games you can miss this one. Grab it now on iTunes!

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  1. reynanuy says:

    This is great news! It’s always awesome to hear of old games living again for new platforms and this is not exception. iOs users can indeed rejoice, since I doubt any of the offerings already on the platform are but a fraction of what IG2 is.

    • Adam Solo says:

      This looks very interesting indeed, and I also share your enthusiasm on seeing old games living on new platforms. It means that the genre is alive and well, especially if we consider that the iOS audience is not that big. Although it makes sense to be iPad in a way, since it targets well the 4X demographics, which I believe to be on the 25-50 perhaps.

      At first look it looks like they ported the all thing to the iPad! I wish I had one to try it out.

  2. Adam Solo says:

    Would love to have someone’s impressions on this one. Anyone? Kyle? :)

    • Doug Miller says:

      I have it loaded up and I fired it up long enough to view the tutorial, which was really a series of videos and not a hands-on walk through. Still, the game looks simply amazing and I will probably give it a good try tomorrow. To have a 4x title of this magnitude with me all the time is a very, very good thing!

  3. Kyle "Lordxorn" Rees says:

    LOL. I would love to revisit this classic. I have spent many a day trying to beat the final ending, and just never had a large enough fleet. What a joy it was. I still have the pc copy somewhere in my closet.

    After a quick purchase, and a hefty download of 446mb, I will get to work……=)

  4. NickWest says:

    Oh man, my iPad is turning into a 4x time machine, first Ascendancy, now this!

  5. JP says:

    I think I just jizzed my pants. Just found out about this now and I still can’t believe it. Mind blowing.

  6. Adam Solo says:

    Hey, looks like there are some used copies at (thanks a lot Saracen26!):

    Don’t know if they are compatible with modern Windows systems (Vista/7) though …

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