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Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion: Beta Starts and Developer’s Video Preview. Leave Your Impressions…

By on March 2nd, 2012 12:16 pm

The Sins Rebellion beta as begun. To have access to the beta you need to pre-order the game. It seems like you can pre-order from anywhere you want. Stardock store, Impulse, Steam, it doesn’t matter. Word from Stardock is that after you’ve “pre-ordered, watch your e-mail for your order receipt with your Steam CD-Key and download information.” Stardock add that “for existing registered Trinity/Diplomacy customers the price is $29.95 for a limited time; for new customers it’s $39.95”.

In this first beta release (BETA 1):

  • Updated graphics engine with self-shadowing ships, up to 16X anisotropic filtering and more.
  • Updated weapon effects.
  • All the new technologies and balance of the TEC factions.
  • Construct the mighty TEC Loyalist Ankylon and TEC Rebel Ragnarov titans.
  • The new TEC Corsev battlecruiser capital ship and Stilat/Shriken corvettes.
  • Steam support for achievements, friends, game invites, automatic updates and more.
  • New ship movement system and performance optimizations.
  • and lots more! (~Stardock)

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  1. Ermdog says:

    Guess I better Pre-Order and get my early fix!

  2. Wilko says:

    Not a bad update. The graphics update didn’t ‘grab’ me at first, its not until you zoom in really close that the game looks different. Still investigating the faction changes, I rolled out a rebel titan and watched it single handily destroy a pirate incursion. New corvette ships are good for hit and run tactics early game but are teched out by fighters.

    What I have noticed
    – Sharper graphics rendering
    – New warp animations
    – Updated weapons fire
    – Updated explosions

    • Adam Solo says:

      Did you found your Titan to be too easy to build? Some people on the forums were complaining about that.
      Thanks a lot for your first impressions Wilko.

    • Wilko says:

      Yes, I found the titan building to be a non-challenge, it’s just a matter of getting enough resources. That being said, this is an RTS, resource acquisition = things get built. Let’s say for example they use the old adage off: If it’s too easy to build 10x the cost. Even then it would just take longer for the titans to come out.

      Not sure what the solution would be here, perhaps needing a certain type of resource or perhaps large levels of the opposite resource for each faction. (Humans – Crystal ect). At least then it would be a decision to either research or get a titan early.

    • Adam Solo says:

      Does a Titan requires a certain tech or only resources? It would make sense for the devs to lower the requirements at the beta to give as much chance for people to play around with them as possible. After all if it would be too difficult to build them you would have two problems: 1) Fewer feedback and 2) Less favorable opinion about the expansion, since in the end it’s a big deal about the Titans right? When beta ends they will probably fine tune that easily with players feedback.

  3. zigzag says:

    It requires four low-level researches. The first unlocks the building that construct the titan and allows you to complete 25% of the titan. The second, third, and fourth allow you to complete an additional 25%. Researching and constructing the titan both cost resources. The process seems very inelegant. It’s hard to say whether titans are too easy to construct because the games is only playable against AI, which is currently ineffective. It may well be much more difficult against skilled human opponents. I’m fairly certain that investing in technology is significantly more difficult in those games.

    • Adam Solo says:

      It does sound like a strange system. Reminds me of Civ’s spaceship project in the end. But that was a project, not only the spaceship itself. But … looking at it that way the Titan enterprise does sound like a super project alright. I wonder if that’s where they got that 4-tier research approach for building the titan idea from.

    • zigzag says:

      It’s slightly different than Civ’s system. The required technologies are linear (I > II > III > IV), and they aren’t as flavorful.

  4. JP says:

    Having just gotten into the beta I was hoping to see more change. Yes we have new factions but I havent found all that much has changed. I hate to say it but to me its almost as if this were another expansion pack added to the original sins. Not enough change to me to warrant a whole new game. Maybe my tune will change after beta has ended but so far thats my thoughts

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