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Endless Space Pre-Orders Next Week

By on April 26th, 2012 9:02 am

Endless Space

Amplitude Studios have just announced that pre-orders for their space 4X game Endless Space, that is currently in Alpha, are expected to launch in 1 weeks time (2nd of May) through Steam. However this date is not 100% firm as the devs explain in the ES forums: “(a) playable Alpha version of the game “should” (crossing fingers) be available on Steam as part of the pre-order packs next week.” ~Endless Space Dev Team (Apr 25, 2012).

People who pre-order will benefit from a -25% price reduction when the full game is released (Q3 2012). There will be 2 different pre-order versions (or packages) available: An Admiral Edition (29.90€ with 25% off till May 31st) that includes “access to Alpha and all upcoming versions including the final version of the game, an OST, and community bonuses” and a special edition called Emperor Special Edition (34.90€ with 25% off till May 31st) which from what I could tell is a fan kit package, for folks that want to be more actively involved in the game’s development process, as the devs put it, to ” help us feel confident on the game’s success, which can be an amazing moral boost for the whole team”.

You can know all the details about Endless Space alpha pre-orders in this Amplitude Studios’ forum thread. You also have an interview we did with Amplitude Studios on Endless Space. Checkout some screenshots here.

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  1. Yar says:

    I was wondering when they’d announce their pre-order pack. If only there was some more video of the game in action I’d put down some money immediately. Hopefully the pre-order players will be able to post some videos and screenshots.

  2. LS35A says:

    I’ve never understood the ‘I want to play the game before it’s finished’ thing. Most games aren’t fun even AFTER they’re finished. Certainly not before.

    • salvo says:

      it’snot so much wanting to play a game before it’s finished as the wish to help the developers finish the game by supporting them. In any case I’m going to pre-order the ’emperor’ version just to do so even if I probably won’t have the time to play the alpha much. Obviously I’ll take the time, then, to play the finished version

    • Adam Solo says:

      And there’s also the significant discount if you pre-order, especially good if you’re always going to buy the game when it comes out.

  3. Karl says:

    I’ll be pre-ordering. I’ve seen enough. Support the developers. I’ve already got Legends Of Pegasus pre-ordered.

    Would like to see space stations in this game though at some point in the future. I mean any planet that had developed space travel technology is going to have a space station. Even we have a pretty crap International Space Station. No weapons or shields ect LOL.

  4. aReclusiveMind says:

    I’m planning to pre-order as well. Hopefully the alpha is fairly playable.

  5. aReclusiveMind says:

    Also, they have clarified that the prices quotes were before the discount was applied.

    “Just to be clear the full price is 29.90€ for the admiral edition and 34.90€for the Emperor edition

    To that price we offer a -25% rebate until May 31st (so respectively 22.49 € and 26.24€)”

  6. fafrin says:

    Having read verious threads re. supporting the devs,I’m in I’ve preordered LOP and I’ll preorder this as well :) probably not to play untill I’ve cracked Distant Worlds (god Help Me!:)).

    • Adam Solo says:

      I think there should be a DW course or something :D

      I guess the fact that so many people find DW “hard to crack” is probably due to an ineffective game tutorial and perhaps lack of game feedback (many things feel like running mysteriously on their own).

      The game certainly grows on you, specially after you tweak it to your own style (game setup options and automation options). Then, after a point the game’s full potential is unleashed and you will find one of the best 4X experience out there, no doubt.

      If you played only the DW core then I would say “god help you!” YES. But with Legends it should be much better with the substantially improved UI. DW certainly is a 4X case study.

  7. chris says:

    The ships in the screenshot somehow make me think of the USS Enterprise on acid.

  8. fafrin says:

    Those are not ships,they are steam irons :)

  9. zigzag says:

    Time to start checking the Steam/Endless Space websites!

    • Adam Solo says:

      Yep, pre-orders should be up in a matter of hours. And I’ll be launching a special article abut that soon. Stay tuned! ;)

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