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Endless Space Screens [Updated]

By on April 13th, 2012 7:31 am
Screenshots added on Apr 12, 2012

A new Faction called the Horatio. The hero profile screen. A concept art image, another space combat shot and … “the Military View”? That doesn’t look like the ship design screen. Looks like it’s the “Fleets list” screen.

Screenshots added on Mar 23, 2012

3 factions (one looks like it’s the Horatio – depicted above). The star system’s empire management screen. Space combat, galaxy map and the ship design screen.

Screenshots added on Feb 29, 2012

A nice space combat cinematic perhaps. Galaxy starmap. The planet view! (although it’s not evident what you can do there since Endless Space seems to focus on systems development rather planetary development). The system view follows next, then a glimpse on the tech tree and finally another space combat shot (cinematic also perhaps).

More info on Endless Space here.

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  1. Yar says:

    I’ve been following some stuff on their forums and it’s getting me pretty excited. The lore and the gaming mechanics all seem really interesting. Not to mention their development scheme on the “Games2Gether” platform. I’ve been itching for a 4x game like this and it can’t come soon enough. Good job on the coverage as well!

    • Adam Solo says:


      It looks very promising indeed. TBS, interesting lore as you say and all the good 4X features. It has all to succeed. I’m intrigued by the simultaneous TBS combat mechanics, and while I think everything is looking nice I’m a bit uncertain still on how planetary development will work (it’s always a tricky one).

      I’m also very curious about the hero system, the special precursors artifacts, research and the modular ship design. Well, better say curious about everything in fact :)

      • Yar says:

        Yeah planetary development is one of my favorite aspects of a space 4x so it remains to be seen how well that will work. The solar system screen looked pretty nice and if it works sort of like GalCiv2 then I’m fine with it. It doesn’t feel like a 4x when I’m just working sliders like in Sword of the Stars.

        I didn’t have a problem with planets in Distant Worlds though so maybe it was just the game?

      • Adam Solo says:

        Same here. I prefer a MoO2/GalCiv2 colony development model to a SotS abstract slider model any day. Although, it’s funny that like you I also don’t have a problem with DW’s light planetary development model :/ I suppose DW’s starbases and mining stations manage to compensate for that.

  2. Saracen26 says:

    I really must stop drooling over this, my keyboard’s gonna fry!

    I have a good feeling about this, and Legends of Pegasus. I may have to consider a slightly better graphics card though. A New computer would be better still. My 2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM and Geforce 7900GT aren’t gonna hold out for that much longer!

    • Adam Solo says:

      I think Legends of Pegasus will have a word to say. I think that one will be good also, let’s see if it’s only that or more.

      I’m also considering updating my graphics card (or laptop/desktop). I have a Nvidia 9600M GT (notice the “M” – laptop). Your 7900GT is better than my 9600M GT. This is a good site to compare graphics cards by the way:

      I couldn’t find the official system requirements for Legends of Pegasus. Hope I can still play, or else.

  3. gunnergoz says:

    I see the Coneheads are back. Presumably from France again? One wonders if this is an inside joke or if the developers ever even heard of Saturday Night Live’s resident alien, Beldar, and his family.

    • Adam Solo says:

      Hum, I don’t think that they are that similar. Those Coneheads you talk about are more well, cone-shapped and also bigger. These Horatio guys look more oval shape and not that prominent.

  4. Karl Dobbs says:

    You don’t have to choose between this and Legends of Pegasus you just get both. As soon a my voucher comes through I’m pre-ordering Legends of Pegasus. When this becomes available I will order this as well.

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