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Legends of Pegasus Gameplay Trailer

By on April 19th, 2012 12:43 pm

Legends of Pegasus | Gameplay Trailer

Legends of Pegasus is coming out in the 29th of May and today Kalypso Media and Novacore Studios have released a new video, this time (finally!) showing off LoP’s gameplay.

A +40 hour campaign? Wow! Campaigns have been totally neglected in past 4X games. I’m totally excited to see what they have for us, how the story will unfold, and also how the sand-box will play of course. I’m in the mood for a more story-driven 4X game now, perhaps with a few excellent cinematics? (I miss that in games).

The graphics are amazing, the UI looks good and the battles feel epic. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one. You have an interview we did with Novacore Studios a couple of months ago for more nice pieces of information. You have also a nice set of LoP screenshots. The game is available for pre-order at Amazon.

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  1. Saracen26 says:

    It took me about 30 seconds to actually pick my jaw off the ground… If this plays as good as it looks, we’ll have a 4X game that’ll set the standard for all to follow… And I hope it does!

    Maybe then after 12 years. I can put Imperium Galactica 2 back on the shelf for once.

    • Adam Solo says:

      Quite impressive hum? I do mea culpa because some months ago I wrote that I didn’t have high hopes for this one. It looks like I may have done a wrong early assessment (fortunately!) :D But, I’ll be more precise about that after I play and review the game ;)

  2. Roger says:

    I see what they did there at 1:46… Don’t hate on Sins!

    • Adam Solo says:

      Yea, it was unnecessary in my opinion. People love Sins and will love Legends of Pegasus also perhaps. It shows weakness. “Hey we want to be successful but we are going to launch 1 week before Sins and please buy our game instead of Sins”. People that are going to buy Sins are going to buy Sins. Legends of Pegasus is quite different and pleases another section of 4X players. But $40 is still a bit steep no doubt. If the price is right we have a great game to look for.

  3. Ezequiel says:

    mmm very Ascendancy-ish colony development… I like it…

    • Adam Solo says:

      I missed Ascendancy. But yes, it looks kinda similar:
      The planetary management UI looks great. Nice sliders, everything well integrated. Promising.

      • Ezequiel says:

        Oh yes, I miss it too. It was a knife in the heart when after years of talking about Ascendancy 2, they remade the first for iPhone… want my chamachies back,m goddamn it!

      • Adam Solo says:

        There was word on Ascendancy 2 not some time ago, but I think it was mainly wishful thinking more than anything else yes. Don’t know what Logic Factory guys are up to by these days. I think they are still investing a lot in Ascendancy for the iPad. I see them release new patches. Come on!? We need a new Ascendancy for the PC!!

  4. Prime says:

    If the music is as good as that in Ascendancy then I’m sold.

    Actually, I’m pretty much sold on this already. It’s about time the 4X genre got some graphics beyond circa 2007. :)

  5. TimmY says:

    Awesome! I will love this game for sure.

  6. ZigZag says:

    Pssh! Enough of this “gameplay” crap. I want to see some pretty space battles.

  7. Yar says:

    Star Drive, Endless Space, Legends of Pegasus, and many more. I’m so stoked that lots of 4x games are coming out this year! This is one more I’m gonna be adding to my extensive strategy collection.

    • Adam Solo says:

      Exciting isn’t it? :) Endless Space looks amazing also. I also liked a lot of what I’ve seen so far of Star Drive. But I did the preview some time ago (I wonder how it is now, I have to try it out again).

      Legends of Pegasus was a nice surprise. Frankly I didn’t thought it could look this nice. Looking forward to put my hands on it. Sins Rebellion is also another one to check out. A must in my opinion for anybody who never played Sins. It’s a light 4X alright but a very fine one if you ask me.

      • aReclusiveMind says:

        Stardrive hasn’t had any updates in a month or two. Possibly longer, I’m not sure. The developer appeared to have gotten some publisher interest, but no more comments were ever made about that potential deal. Within the last week or two he made an appearance asking for some name ideas for some new ship models they had designed, but that has been the extent of it. I honestly have no clue when the game is going to get a new version added at this point. The updates were quite frequent for a little while there.

        Legends of Pegasus and Endless Space both look great, as I’ve said before. Hopefully at least one of them will deliver on their promises in the end.

      • Adam Solo says:

        If I’m not mistaken Dan expected to reach closed-beta by March 2011 and a full release by Summer 2011. Initial plans are never met but … your words are a bit worrying, at least you sound worrying. I previewed StarDrive in the beginning of February, and it was looking very promising by then. I must look at it again.

      • Yar says:

        If you check the desura page, follow him in twitter, and look at the forum you’ll see there is still some progress going on. His recent twitter posts definitely indicate progress is still being made. I have an idea it’s still going to take a while but that’s because as far as I know he’s still just doing it on his own aside from art assets.

        Still cheaper than plopping down sixty bucks for a brand new game so I’m cool with waiting. Hopefully all the other releases will hold my attention as well. I’m stickler for super challenging AI so one of the new ones should have it I hope.

      • Dan says:

        Hey dudes, StarDrive development is going great and strong. And at this point we are basically down to negotiating the final details on whether we are going to sign with Paradox or Iceberg to bring it to you. I’m going to push a big patch to desura next week to update the alpha build there.

        One of the reasons I’m looking at a publisher is precisely for the reasons you readers raise here. I can’t do the pr and the business and the coding and the so and so forth. A publisher is going to help us remind the world that we are alive.

        When we sign with a publisher the release date will move back some. I’ll keep you posted.

      • Adam Solo says:

        It’s great to hear that you’re teaming up with Paradox or Iceberg. Iceberg in particular has been (and is) doing a great job with space strategy titles in my opinion. Don’t forget that they published for Armada 2526, Star Ruler and now Gemini Wars more recently. (Matrix Games also published for Armada 2526)

        Iceberg or Paradox should be a great help. It’s also great to hear that StarDrive development is going good. Please continue your great job and keep those news coming!

  8. b3sz says:

    wonder if there will be option to damage subsystems in spaceships, eventually board onto enemy spaceships…

    • Adam Solo says:

      It seems so. In the interview they gave us Andre mentioned this “The different components equipped determine the ship’s abilities. As players become technologically advanced, they can specifically target the different systems of an enemy ship. If a ship is hit, all equipped components will suffer damage, impacting and eventually destroying their function.”

      Seems contradictory however. Andre mentions “specifically target the different systems” but then he also said “If a ship is hit, all equipped components will suffer damage”. So, not sure :)

      About boarding possibility, don’t know, but it would be super cool if someone would do that in a next 4X game. Now that I think about, I think you could board ships in Master of Orion 2. I think it was MoO2 …

  9. Walter says:

    This game seems amazing…and the good is tha it will come to refresh de genre 4x pc gamers….i wil buy it as soon the digital download is available ….

    i hope have the spy’s too and sandbox system game because the game will gonna be more replayable

    I’m gonna be adding to my extensive strategy collection. because a like a lot this kind of game…

    • Adam Solo says:

      I agree that it has the potential to refresh the 4X genre. I’m specially curious about the +40h single-player campaign. To my knowledge this is something never done properly yet in a 4X game (at least not very successfully in my opinion), at least a space one. It’s a debate we are having here in the space sector forums. How to merge good campaign with good sand-box mode in 4X games. If LoP manages to do both brilliantly, then they will make history here.

      Espionage? Probably not. Andre didn’t answer about that after my question in the interview. Sandbox mode they will have yes. Andre mention this about sandbox in the interview: “Sorry i missed this one. Yes, we will definitely have a sandbox mode :)”.

  10. jay says:

    Surprised to see I’m the only who simply can’t get interested in this.
    I don’t quite see how they will make the campaign, none of the 4x components seem to be anything special ( on top of it, it seems there’s no espionage at all in the game) but the worst of all is the combat. I’m much more interesting in sins rebellion and sots 2 once it’s stable, that this. In that regard they seem miles ahead of legends of pegasus. Now if only it was turn based…

    • Adam Solo says:

      I’m also curious to see how they managed to make a +40h campaign in a 4X game. I’m eager to try it out since this has been a topic we couldn’t yet crack here in the space sector forums. Story and 4X games don’t seem to mix well :)

      Well, espionage. Not usually the favorite 4X feature of the masses right? But I agree that it’s nice to have at least the basic espionage options (incite revolt, steal tech, sabotage stuff, frame others).

      I love Sins combat and I also think SotS2 combat has BIG potential. SotS2 combat is simply gorgeous to watch, now … it is convenient that it must be great to play also! :)

      It seems that LoP has managed to make a more or less seamless transition from the TBS strategic phase to the RTS combat phase. And vice versa when combat ends. That system would be wonderful to have in Sins also I guess, but … does Sins has the needed depth for TBS to work? Lets face it, Sins is much more about space combat than it is about exploration and empire building. That’s why we define it as light-4X in the first place. But hey, Sins is an excellent space strategy game, no doubts there.

  11. Walter says:

    Adam i am agree with you and with the forist jay says I’m also curious to see how they managed to make a +40h campaign in a 4X game…i think the game it could be go ahead with planetary invasion, spy and the diplomacy options………..for example hagemonia the solon heritage is a older game and it had this things…i play sword of the stars II lately is going to stay more stable to play and the combat and ship desing in sword of stars II are amazing…i will hope this game no result in one deception…because i saw the trailer of sins rebellion and let me tell you it see very very amazing

  12. Karl Dobbs says:

    This looks amazing. The best thing I’ve seen so far since Moo2. I’ve got it on pre-order. Can’t wait.

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