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Spaceward Ho! Arrives for the iPad !!

By on April 2nd, 2012 4:26 am


Spaceward Ho! is another classic space 4X game that has just hit the Apple store, exclusively for the iPadAriton, the game development studio, sent word that their iOS game is based on the old Mac game (Spaceward Ho! was originally released for platforms such as Mac OS, Palm OS, Windows and Amiga). This iPad version includes features such as military and economy management, exploration, colonization, tech development, diplomacy options, terraforming and mining. This is a space 4X oldy (1990) that I never had a chance to play for one reason or the other. This would certainly be another one I would try if I owned an iPad. If you have one, grab your copy at iTunes for $4.99.

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  1. Rex Rhino says:

    The actual game of Spaceward Ho! is so perfectly designed, I was kind of hoping that an iPad redesign would update the GUI in usability to match how usable the game actually is.

  2. Hey Rex, as the developer, I would love to hear any suggestions you have. We are constantly working on updating the app. We’ve had quite a few play testers who had played the original games and they loved the iPad version. But, getting into more hands means we can get more feedback and keep refining the UI.

  3. NickWest says:

    Hopefully it doesn’t reuse names the player entered like the original. I still remember naming my ships variants of “Battleship IX” etc, then seeing the enemy use my names on its ships, creating satellites named “Battleship VII” and ships named “Satellite III”

    Can’t wait to play it!

  4. It doesn’t reuse the names, and I hadn’t even considered that it might reuse them wrong like that. We were thinking of adding that in, but given what you are talking about it does seem like a good idea to skip that part.

  5. Wayne Basta says:

    Spaceward Ho! Was great game and one of my earliest 4x games. Building different ship classes and defending your worlds was cool. It also had a nice campy feel to it without being stupid. To bad I don’t have an ipad

  6. Guy says:

    It is exciting to see someone write an iPad version of the game. I’ve played through a couple of games and was extremely impressed with the interface.

  7. EJ says:

    If you scrap a ship class in flight does it hit the destination planet with a meteor storm? An awesome trick we found for taking out heavily defended planets.

  8. We just released Spaceward Ho! for the iPhone/iPod, as a Universal app. Definitely go check it out.

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