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Ubisoft Announces an Add-On for Anno 2070: Deep Ocean

By on April 24th, 2012 8:48 am


Today, Ubisoft announced Anno 2070: Deep Ocean, an add-on for their sci-fi real-time strategy game, Anno 2070. Key new features include a new civilization level: the Genius. Expect also to find a new underwater geothermal power plant, a new dangerous disaster: The Tsunami, new rewards for each faction’s career ladder, new underwater trading routes, over 150 new quests and 30 new achievements. See the full announcement at Ubisoft’s forum. Deep Ocean will be released this fall (autumn) for the PC. Read more about Anno 2070 here.


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  1. LS35A says:

    I no longer even consider buying any Ubi games because of their crazy DRM. What, it’s only ‘always on, connect every time, loose your connection loose your game’ on some games? They changed it this week? Last week? Next week? Doesn’t matter to me. I don’t trust these people to provide me with a decent experience anymore. Sometimes when the public looses trust in you, it never comes back. Sorry Ubisoft. But that’s what happens when you screw with your customers too much.

    • Adam Solo says:

      I heard about this Ubisoft DRM issue, and that people were complaining heavily because as you say people have to be always online in order to play a single player game? Wow, now that’s a bummer.

      But you seem to mention that this is no more in Anno 2070? That Ubisoft has changed that somenow? If so then I think we can give them a chance for at least recognizing the mistake and fixing it no?

      • Aristabulus says:

        This is Ubisoft we are talking about; anything they’ve said on the matter must be thoroughly checked for doublespeak and loopholes. They take customer-hostile to a whole new level.

        I might give Anno 2070 a shot in the deep future, when I can get the gold version for 5 bucks on Steam… until then, no dollars in their coffers from me.

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