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Computer Top Games Want Safe Haven for Second Contact

By on May 8th, 2012 3:24 pm

Second Contact

Computer Top Games have decided to try their chances in the crowdsource funding scheme for their first game title named Second Contact.

Computer Top Games is an independent computer game development company based in the United States that feels that “gamers make the best games”. They say to have been brought up with games such as Master of Orion, Civilization, and War40k titles and are now working on their first game, which will be a science fiction turn-based strategy title called “Second Contact”.

Couple of days ago CTG has launched their own crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo. The goal of the campaign, says CTG, is to “raise funds in order to pay our contracted (and very talented!) artist to create some concept artwork”. Their goal is $2,000 USD to be used to pay the art guy (as typical in many crowdfunding campaigns) while their programmers are “hard at work on the prototype”.

Second Contact | Computer Top GamesSecond Contact is heavily influenced by tabletop wargaming games. Games such as Warhammer 40k and Axis and Allies. CTG aims on bringing all the social gaming elements of tabletop games to computers and tablets.

I found Second Contact’s background story to be very interesting. The game centers in the planet Haven. An abandoned human colony that is discovered by an alien empire called “The Union”. People on Haven refuse to join the aliens, that then decide to take the planet by force. In serious technological disadvantage Haven is offered “a hand” by a rebel faction of alien dissidents. But it looks like that their motives were not that genuine. Don’t know about you but I felt the need to know more :)

About the gameplay Second Contact will let you take command of an army to fight skirmishes and massive battles that may take quite a while to finish, with 1 minute to 48 hours turns. It will be 100% PvP with no AI whatsoever (human-human multiplayer only gameplay). CTB is thinking in letting people create groups and allow them to participate in leagues and tournaments with players around the world.

You can know all about CTG’s fund raising campaign at their Indiegogo page. There you can know how you can help fund Second Contact and what kind of rewards/perks are involved if you do. You can also check Computer Top Game’s blog for additional info on Second Contact or check the main dev’s blog here.

Remember that Second Chance is an Indiegogo campaign, so the devs will keep all the money they can raise and not only access the funds if they reach a determined predefined goal, like Kickstarter does for example.

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  1. Smight says:

    none of the options offers the game, so I don’t see many people donating to this.

    • Adam Solo says:

      You’re right. Strange. This must have slipped their mind. Also, while the lack of art assets is understandable (gameplay screenshots, videos) they could have provided a bit more details on gameplay. That and the lack of game offering may be the reason why nobody has contributed to this point yet.

  2. CompTopGames says:

    Hi guys, Jon from Computer Top Games.

    @Smight -We are not offering the game just yet as we felt that offering people access to a beta or a pre-order type perk to a game that may be a year away wouldn’t be too appealing to anyone. Perhaps we were wrong!

    @AdamSolo -We are currently working on getting some gameplay information ready to publish. What we are trying to avoid is publishing info on the game that may not actually make it in. We remember all too well the development of Warhammer Online and how the developers promised players the moon ages before the game cam out and then didn’t deliver.

    In all honesty guys, we did mull over offering beta access to the game, but again, we may have calculated wrongly. Were waiting for a much more workable prototype to open up that option.

    Definitely stay tuned for more info regarding actual game play!

    • Adam Solo says:

      But, not offering the game as perk (which to my knowledge is almost a requirement in kickstarter/indiegogo campaigns) you pass a bit the message that you’re not sure you will go till the end? But, I understand your position, you’re still in early concept phase, and you’re probably just probing to see if the community mobilizes or not.

      The problem is that people need a bit more to chew on than just an idea, specially when you don’t have a background or brand to support you. A couple more concept art assets or a video would help a lot. About the video I’m not referring to a gameplay video or anything like that, just someone showing us a face. I think that would increase your chances and would facilitate transmitting the message across.

    • Smight says:

      So you are asking for people to give you money now, and then give you more money again when the game is done, sorry but I dont find that acceptable , beta access may be reserved for higher tiers of donation but finished game is a minimum if you want people to take you seriously.

  3. CompTopGames says:

    Thanks for the helpful info :) We do actually have a video in the works, not a long one, just me talking about the game a bit and some other visuals.

    We just added the 2nd piece of finished concept artwork to the page, so definitely go there to check it out!

    Lastly, we are currently talking about adding a beta test invite to all levels of contribution as we certainly agree that it gives our contributors a bit more confidence that we are going to see this through to the end (which has been the goal since day 1)!

    Computer Top Games

    • Adam Solo says:

      Glad to be of help :)

      Your 2nd concept art piece is nice. Much more interesting than the 1st piece in my opinion.

      The video will surely help you.

      Yes, a beta invite that would allow people to play the game in the end would be nice.

      Another thing I think you miss is targeted platforms. You mention computer and tablet. So, you’re going after what exactly? (PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android). Or is it probably too soon for that?

      • CompTopGames says:

        I do agree that the second piece of artwork is a little cooler than the first. Our aim was to have the most basic unit done first so that future concepts could be worked off of it, and I think it was a success going by how the second unit came out (which will be introduced next week on our site!).

        Yah, it is a tad too soon to say exactly what platform we are working toward. PC would be our default platform at the moment, but then again iOS or Android allow for much more mobile gaming. We will definitely update the site once there is a final decision for sure.

        Computer Top Games

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