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Gemini Wars Has Gone Gold and is Ready for Pre-order!

By on May 14th, 2012 9:32 am


Today another space strategy game was finished and is now available for pre-purchasing for Windows and Mac. Gemini Wars is a space RTS where you can command your spaceships by selecting them to move and attack targets in real-time. But, Gemini Wars also promises to offer some other interesting features like ground-assault invasions, research and space stations construction.

The game will release on the 8th of June but is already available for pre-ordering in several channels. You can pre-order for Windows through Iceberg Interactive’s shop, Gamestop/Impulse, GamersGate or through Camel 101 (dev) website. For Mac you can pre-order through Camel 101’s website. You can find the system requirements here. To know more about Gemini Wars I invite you to read an interview we did with Camel 101 (Gemini Wars developers) a month ago. You also have some screenshots here. Expect a Gemini Wars preview on Space Sector soon.

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  1. aReclusiveMind says:

    I saw that Angryjoe had a video preview of pre-release Gemini Wars gameplay on his site. It is worth a watch if you are interested in the game. Personally, it isn’t the type of 4x I enjoy, but it does look nice.

  2. Adam Solo says:

    I’m currently playing the preview build. Will publish a preview soon. Did the tutorials and I’m finding the experience to be quite enjoyable. I’m positively surprised but I’ll let you know more about it no time.

  3. Mark says:

    It does look nice but I was disappointed that Gemini Wars won’t ship with a sandbox mode. Campaigns are okay but once you play through them I’m not sure what else there would be to do.

    • Adam Solo says:

      In our interview Ricardo Cesteiro from Camel 101 confirmed that “the game at release will feature a full campaign playing as the United Space Federation. It’s a 16 mission story driven campaign that starts will smaller maps, but evolves to really large maps that can be quite hard to beat. We are estimating over 30 hours of gameplay on the campaign alone. Skirmish and multiplayer are planned to be released as a free DLC, which will be available on digital update after launch. The game has a lobby system which updates the players with news and updates.”

      So, to my knowledge only the campaign will be in for now. Afterwards Camel 101 stated to have plans to deliver skirmish mode and multiplayer through free DLC. However I don’t know if there will be sand-box mode.

  4. Nori says:

    Hmm, I hate to be one of those people… But will they release on Steam/Desura? Trying to keep down the amount of digital download services I use… :|

    • Adam Solo says:

      Don’t know. I don’t see any plans for that (yet). But it wouldn’t be the first Iceberg game I see later on at Steam (e.g. Armada 2526 and Star Ruler).

      • Azalrion says:

        Star Ruler on Steam was done directly by BMS and not Iceberg Adam, not sure if thats the same case as for Armada 2526.

      • Adam Solo says:

        Ha ok. Forgot that it could be the devs call to put the game on Steam yes. Depends on publishing agreements then.

  5. Kyle "Lordxorn" Rees says:

    So do I get this correctly, if we pre-order we can download immediately?

    “You may help shape up the game (this doesn’t mean that all the feedback we get will be implemented, just imagine collecting feedback from all different people and putting it all into one game…) but we do listen, just check the forums.”

    Or pre-order and have to wait till release?

    • Adam Solo says:

      I think that text may be deprecated by now since that was probably written before the publishing agreement with Iceberg Interactive. I’ll give Ricardo a nudge to sort this up.

  6. Hey Guys,

    The pre-order offers a discount (with or without comic included), but the game will be available only on June 8th.
    We did get a lot of feedback and suggestions from our forum users that we implemented in the game, but as you can guess, we’re not implementing any new features at this stage :)
    Sorry if that part is misleading. It’s a bit outdated, we should probably remove it from the website.



  7. Timmaigh! says:

    I had the luck to be part of the closed beta and it really is a good game, definitely worth it. So dont hesitate to buy it, especially if you like space RTS games like Conquest Frontier Wars, Sins of a Solar Empire or Star Trek Armada.

  8. Walter says:

    This game will be a good game have many tactics options i did yet the preorder and i will wait the 8 of june to the release because i want to play it….i hope too the camel team put in the future near updates a skirmish mode because this add replayability to the game………..

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