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Endless Space Beta – Playing the Amoeba (Part 2 of 3): Winds of Change

By on June 25th, 2012 4:30 pm

This is the second part of my AAR on Endless Space (beta), playing with the Amoeba. You can read the first part – Intro – here. Enjoy!

Winds of Change

Our friends the Hissho feel a bit overwhelmed by our fleets. We have reiterated that we build ships only to present a strong defensive front, but they fear that our true intent is much darker. I wish we could convince them that this is not the case.

At Nuskaran, we hold the line against pirates. Another Admiral, Gero Kartal, at the recommendation of Admiral Bademdi, has been assigned to a defensive fleet at Nuskaran. Pisces is the gateway to our system and must be held, so Admiral Bademdi the Proven remains there defending our core.

It is now 3070 A.D. Our sources inform us we are considered the most powerful species in the galaxy. We are overwhelmed. We wished only to claim our own place in history and did not wish for any greater glory. Our dearest friends, the Horatio and Hissho, appear to be far weaker that most. The Sowers, who we had only just begun to cultivate relations with, are near extinction. Though we had hoped they and the Pilgrims would find peace, it appears it is not to be. It is not our place to interfere in the affairs between our two friends. The Pilgrims warlike ways are discouraging though, and bring bad omens.

In the coming years, we progress relations and establish a firm alliance, first with the Hissho in 3103 A.D., and later with the Horatio. Trade is bustling between our alliance, and we still even have some trading with the Pilgrims. We do not expand. We remain stationary and work hard to improve our existing systems. The Horatio and Hissho share technologies with us, and us with them. They aren’t the fairest traders, but we meet their demands for the sake of our friendship.

We are met by the Hissho ambassador in 3120 A.D. We have known for a time that the Hissho were growing ever jealous of what we owned. Though we have willingly shared what we have, they seemed to no longer be appeased by our peace offerings. They took them and simply spat in our figurative faces. We forgave them each time, but our relationship continued to sour. The Amoeba tried everything they could, but nothing would stop the relationship’s small fissures from growing. In 3120 A.D., the Hissho renounced our alliance, and soon went on to declare war. Our admirals, the wise and now quite distinguished veterans, stated that given the Hissho proximity to Nuskaran, we had no choice but to react swiftly. Our preparations began the following year.

We the Amoebas believe in diversity. The aliens are our friends. (Here I show the use of systems being assigned to AI governor control. The AI governor really likes diversity.)

Within the span of a few short years, we heard word from our ambassadors that our relationship with the Horatio is declining. Our diplomats struggle to understand the cause of the decline, but in the end we came to the consensus that some cultural differences are beyond our understanding. Though we offer them safe harbor and protection through our alliance, they are resentful of that which we have. Despite their precarious position near the ruthless Cravers, this decision is theirs to make and ours to accept. As of now, they are still a member of our alliance. The Hissho, as you know, had already abandoned our alliance and threatened war.

In 3129 A.D., the Hissho have forced our hand. All efforts to mend the relationship have failed, and our relationship is in an unrecoverable state. They have vowed to wipe us from the galaxy. Admiral Kartal leads our offensive against them. We take the Yisel system from their control. This is the start of something bigger than we ever imagined. It is also very far from what we wanted.

They regret their decision. Our Admirals advise us that this is a ploy to catch us off guard. The Hissho are not to be trusted. We reluctantly continue the assault and watch our dreams of a united galaxy fade. With our acts of aggression now in full swing, our reputation has been altered forever.

By 3138 A.D., Admiral Kartal advances to Seginus with a fleet of newly renovated warships. Seginus is the capital of the Hissho people and its blockade severely hampers their economic wellbeing. They will surely defend it at all costs.

As the attack on Seginus continues, we assess the situation and see that only a few border colonies remain uncolonized. The galaxy is now full of life. The Cravers are a mere wormhole away from our own capital, but Admiral Bademdi assures us he will crush any efforts they may wish to take against us. (A zoomed out galactic view… sort of. The game does not show territories when zoomed out further…)

To be concluded …

Keith Turner, also known as aReclusiveMind here on SpaceSector, has been an avid gamer ever since he first laid his hands on a Commodore 128 in the mid 1980s. He enjoys multiple computer game genres, but his primary interests are in deep strategy games, 4x games, rpgs, and action rpgs. He enjoys writing and hopes to contribute with additional reviews, previews, and informative AARs to the community. See all Keith’s posts here.

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  1. Adam Solo says:

    Another good read Keith. I’m starting to get addicted to your AARs, and I suspect I’m not the only one :) Keep them coming.

  2. Zeraan says:

    This looks like something that Master of Orion 3 should have been. I’ll pick this up someday for “research” purposes for sure! :D

  3. fafrin says:

    I’m waiting for the novel!!:D

  4. Keith Turner says:

    Thanks guys. Hope you all enjoy the finale!

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