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Endless Space Beta – Playing the Amoeba (Part 1 of 3): Intro

By on June 21st, 2012 11:13 am

My goal was to play as the Amoeba and achieve a diplomatic victory. I really wanted to test the diplomatic changes that Amplitude has put in place as well as one of the newly added factions. Read on for my mostly in-character AAR that points out some highlights and downsides of the game. It is important to note this game was played during the first “beta” phase and has received some patching since then that may correct some of the issues I may describe. Also, in some cases images were cropped or edited slightly to better fit the format of this AAR.

The Setup

To some we are a genetic mistake. To others, we are a galactic joke. We listen not to the naysayers. Despite our humble origins, from a single cell, we have progressed to become what we are today. Rather than let our inherent weaknesses restrain us, we have instead succeeded despite them. We have, against all odds, become a star-faring race of searchers, scientists, and adventurers. We seek both understanding and truth. We dream of a galaxy where all living beings can not only cohabitate, but cooperate and combine our efforts to obtain a shared understanding of it all. Though we desire peace, we will not be bullied any longer. If there can be no peace… there will be war.

Race Selection: The Amoeba

System: Spiral–4 (arms), Small

Game Difficulty: Hard

The known galaxy consists of 6 races. Our ancestral knowledge (Amoeba Affinity) has provided us with a natural connection to the stars, and through these channels we are able to monitor the progress and colonization of each of its worlds. From our corner of the galaxy, we are free to roam.

To our south lay the Hissho, a proud race of warriors who are fearless. We must remain cautious not to offend their customary ways and afford them praise at every opportunity.

To the northwest, the Cravers begin their inevitable journey towards their own destruction. Despite our best efforts, they will never cooperate. We are dismayed, but understanding, as we know by their nature they must remain forever nomadic and expand.

To the west lay the Horatio, a curious lot. Like us, they too trace their lineage back to a single being. Unlike us, their catalyst was a single egocentic human. They too, will attempt to expand quickly, but unlike the Cravers, they may be willing to work with us.

In the southwest galactic arm, the Pilgrims and Sowers both must sprint to populate the known systems. While the Pilgrims search for lost relics, the Sowers care little for them. The Sowers seek only to prepare for the return of their creator, destroying anything that does not fit their vision. We will seek relations with both and do our best, from our distant galactic seat, to teach them the values of friendship and camaraderie.

We are fortunate to have efficient scientists within our midst. Within our own spiral arm we find several systems immediately ready for colonization. Though we do not desire conquest, we know that the only way to keep the galaxy at peace is to maintain a strong presence. We also know that it is only a matter of time before our neighbors discover the wormholes and our preparation is key. We quickly take Nusakan and discover its precious resources are ready to be harvested. The Hissho have forgiven us for sealing off their Yisel system, for now anyway.

It is indeed a glorious day. Peace reigns between us and all our galactic cousins. The Cravers refused our offer, as expected, but at least we approached them.

Pirates are the parasites of our galaxy. They have no leader, and there is no negotiation. They seek only to plunder and pillage. We have hired the amazing military mind, Chidi Bademdi, to assist us in the defense of our systems. Though an outsider, he brings a tremendous knowledge of warfare that we have frankly, never desired. It seems it will not be long before his skills are put to the test. The pirates are approaching our home world of Pisces.

It was a great decision to hire Admiral Bademdi. He is indeed a military prodigy. He had not seen many battles when we acquired his services. He was essentially, until that point, a military scholar. No longer! Not only did he turn back the pirates on multiple occasions, but he has kept every single one of our ships intact! We had not considered using our nano-machine technology to repair our ships while the battle raged, but in a true show of his self-confidence he quickly advised we adjust our strategy when our evasive manuevers proved ineffective at long range.

It is the year 3049 A.D. We have nearly inhabited every system in our arm, and the influence of Nusakan has proven useful beyond our original estimations. While our companions still crawl about their local star lanes, we have already been flying through wormholes for many years. When they do arrive, Nusakan will insure us a solid foothold in the center and allow us short travel times as we engage them in diplomatic exchanges. In addition, our fellow races will not seek colonization of any nearby systems as it would be a clear act of war. Also, pirates in our local sector are a thing of the past. Fleets under the command of Admiral Bademdi, as well as our established colonies, have led to their migration in search of easier targets.

The Horatio’s shared DNA seems to be compatible with ours. Our relationship has grown. Once we no longer feared they would attempt to colonize inside our arm of the galaxy, we decided to grant them open borders throughout our systems. We will benefit greatly from the dust and knowledge they have to share across our trade networks.

The Hissho, perhaps surprisingly to some, have also maintained a wonderful relationship with us. We have maintained open borders with them for nearly 20 years now. Technology and luxury resources have also been exchanged. We see no need to horde that which the galaxy has to offer. Share and share-alike is our way of life.

To be continued … winds of change.

Keith Turner, also known as aReclusiveMind here on SpaceSector, has been an avid gamer ever since he first laid his hands on a Commodore 128 in the mid 1980s. He enjoys multiple computer game genres, but his primary interests are in deep strategy games, 4x games, rpgs, and action rpgs. He enjoys writing and hopes to contribute with additional reviews, previews, and informative AARs to the community. See all Keith’s posts here.

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  1. David Carron says:

    Nothing gives a good taste of play like an AAR.

  2. Zer0sum says:

    Nice work, looking forward to more.

  3. Adam Solo says:

    Great read. AARs are indeed a great and fun way to know more about a game. Hope this will be one of many more to come Keith. Good job!

  4. aReclusiveMind says:

    Thanks guys. I hope you enjoy parts 2 and 3 as well. I will personally guarantee that pirates will not be the only problem faced by the Amoebas as things progress.

    My hope was that the AAR would give anyone who hasn’t played a decent overview of some of the elements while still be entertaining to those already familiar with the game.

  5. fafrin says:

    a good read,keep up the good work:)

  6. JD says:

    Hehe, fun stuff, this reminds me of the old PC Gamer blogs of GalCiv 2. Keep it up.

  7. GJD says:

    Great AAR, please continue!

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