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Legends of Pegasus New Trailer – Humans Background Story

By on June 12th, 2012 1:16 pm

And today, just a few minutes from a strong competitor’s launch, Kalypso Media has launched a new Legends of Pegasus trailer. This one presents the game background story, supposedly the lore behind the single player campaign.

After acquiring space travel technology humans venture to the stars and form a new stellar nation. With time this splinter faction was successful. Perhaps envy of their cousin’s success (or maybe due to uprising) Earth humans launch an invasion on their kin. But, there’s a twist. Earth has just allied with a recently found alien race that promised peace and friendly cooperation. Right.

It’s a bit of a cliche story, but the trailer is successful in building tension and sympathy towards the human “rebels”. Well done Kalypso and Novacore. This was indeed an ingenious timing for the trailer. Now, let’s hope your game is as good as we hope it will be. Legends of Pegasus release date is set for this summer. In the meantime checkout some screenshots here. We also have an interview with the devs here.

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  1. Yar says:

    I’ve been following this game since its announcement. Hopefully “summer” means before my final semester starts so I have something else to play besides Planetside 2 and Civ V (that is if the diplo AI is fixed and everything else isn’t a disaster). Look out Endless Space!

  2. Jeff P says:

    I’ve been following the development as well. While I’m definitely impressed with the promised feature set, I’m a little disturbed Kalypso has only tentative plans for a closed beta (not open to the public) and no plans for a demo. Often, that is a sign of a game that will be released in unfinished condition (hello, MOO3).

    My gaming time is too valuable to waste on project that the developers didn’t see fit to finish before taking my filthy lucre. I won’t buy the game when it is finally released but will wait until others have a chance to evaluate the finished product.

    • oldMooFan says:

      Like you Jeff, I’m following this title…. I already spent on Endless Space and happy to have this game.

      Their trailer still not convince me to wait for their game. Not enough gameplay video.

      I have a limited budget, can’t buy them all likes old years of Moo’s good years

      look great
      – Planet management window
      – The ship design
      – Big map

      For me this game is like Sin’s not a MOO genre. More RTS than TBS

      Will wait for youtube reviews and gameplay video…. (:

  3. Sparviero says:

    I need more info about gameplay! :D
    Game looks pretty cool!

  4. Walter says:

    this game see very promise and beauty i hope the developers put a beta in steam i would like that

  5. JD says:

    It Looks nice. But does it play nice. From the look of those colony screens, that resembles Acendancy in terms of the building placements. If that is tied to research and production (as in Ascendancy) that could be a very interesting mechanic, in Acendancy this worked very very well.

  6. fafrin says:

    Damn aliens you just can’t trust them!:D

  7. Chris says:

    Yes the colored building tiles on the planet surface are tied to production, research and civilian morale. Pretty similar to Ascendancy, colored tiles give you bonuses but you can essentially build anywhere. There are also some blocked tiles that may be unblocked by terraforming the planets and tiles that may hold local tribes or old ruins, the latter of which you may research for ancient technology with xenoarcheology sites.
    – Chris (LoP Producer, Kalypso Media)

  8. Jay says:

    Yes, a Beta would be nice to play on Steam before release.

  9. Jeff P says:

    Don’t hold your breath for the beta. On the LoP forum (May 21) “Kalypsochris” mentioned that “We will try to fit in a closed beta at some point but I cant promise anything here. ”

    In Kalypso’s defense, the open alpha/beta model of “Endless Space” is still pretty rare among developers. I think it is the future of PC gaming (think of all the post-release patches it would save!) but Kalypso hasn’t announced that is their intention and I wouldn’t expect to see a build of the finished game until it is previewed by SS or some other magazine late this summer.

  10. Zer0sum says:

    I have heard through the grapevine that Steam is not a big fan of Beta sales, so we probably won’t see one for LoP

    • Adam Solo says:

      Yes, everything leads to believe that there will be no beta sales/pre-orders. However, in my grapevine I heard that “they” are “not really sure when pre-orders will start”. Although it’s not completely clear if they will start at all. Moreover, and to my knowledge, no press build has yet been distributed. That’s why you din’t see any hands-on preview yet.

      • Jeff P says:

        Hmm…not good. Starting to get a BC3000AD vibe. LoP sounded a bit too ambitious. Successfully merging turn-based strategy, real-time tactical battles, and RPG elements wouldn’t be easy for a large, well-established studio, much less a small outfit like Novacore.

        I hope they pull it off, but if I were a betting man…

  11. Chris says:

    Hi there!

    Legends is on a good way to completion and will be released this summer. Preorders on Steam will also start soon.

    Many greetings,

  12. Jeff P says:

    I just read the following from “Walt” (from Kalyspso) on the LoP forum regarding beta testing:

    “at this moment – due to timing – there is no open/closed beta planned. we will keep you posted if this will change. ”

    Ouch. That means initial game purchasers will be “beta testing” the game. Caveat Emptor.

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