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Endless Space Giveaway Contest – 10 Emperor Edition Keys! [RESULTS]

By on July 17th, 2012 1:32 pm

And the winners of the Endless Space Emperor Edition contest are:

Endless Space | Contest results (final)

(*) Note: Ozzie generously decided to give back his key due to lack of time to play the game. I run the numbers again and the lucky guy for the spare key was: RevCrkt.

Congratulations! I’ll be sending your game code today (through the email address you indicated in your comment).

Didn’t win? Don’t worry, just keep checking the blog for more contests to open up. And when one of these opens be fast because sometimes I’ll be hosting a trivia component that will give you a game immediately.

Thanks to all that participated. Hope everybody had fun. A big thanks to Amplitude Studios for supplying the games. Endless Space is a very nice game that you will probably like if you love space 4X games. You have our review here in case you missed it.

The contest details and all the people who participated can be found in this post.

Remark: Jeff P won the trivia contest, the remaining lucky 9 were picked up with the help of

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  1. Zeraan says:

    Woohoo! First time I’ve won a contest ever! Thanks!

    Congrats to others who won as well!

  2. Garmine says:

    Didn’t win. Nothin special… Anyways, thanks for the possibility ! And congratz to the winners :)

  3. Republic says:

    Didn’t win, but I’m glad SpaceSector is here! Keep doing what your doing, I love this site!

  4. Marek says:

    Damn, i so wanted to win this :(. Congratz to the winners :), lucky bastards.

  5. Voxel says:

    Dibs on the copy of whoever forgets to claim theirs?

    • Adam Solo says:

      Games that are not claimed will be brought back to the pool for another run. It hasn’t happened before but if it does that’s how we shall find the new winners.

  6. Neil Hutchings says:

    Really pleased with this, thanks a load SpaceSector!

  7. Thiago Ramon says:

    Can’t remember last time I’ve won any sort of contest… I guess everything has a first time, heh?

    Keep up the good work on the site!

  8. Pete wright says:

    thank you for the game i was so close to buying this yesterday .. its very much appreciated :D

  9. Enares says:

    Congrats to the winners

  10. TimmY says:

    Damn, I never win!


  11. Ozzie says:

    I’m really glad to win this prize, it will be greatly appreciated.

  12. cimo says:

    Thanks for the game!

  13. Keith Turner says:

    Congrats to all the winners!

  14. Will says:

    If they stay unclaimed for a month, I suggest redrawing :)

  15. Adam Solo says:

    Ok, after about a month or so since the contest results came out I finally got claim confirmation from everybody.

    Now, we have a spare code since Ozzie generously decided to give back his key due to lack of time to play the game. I run the numbers again and the lucky guy for the spare key was: RevCrkt Will contact you and send you your prize in a minute.

  16. RevCrkt says:

    I received the email. Thank you. Wasn’t expecting it.

    • Adam Solo says:

      You’re welcome.

      Big thanks to Amplitude Studios for providing the keys and to everybody that participated. This contest is now closed.

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