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Legends of Pegasus Now Available for Pre-Order on Steam

By on July 6th, 2012 12:24 pm

Legends of Pegasus

Almost one year after the Legends of Pegasus’ announcement, Kalypso Media and Novacore Studios have opened their space TBS/4X game for pre-orders on Steam, today. The game will “unlock” on August 10th 2012 and in the meantime you can pre-purchase it with a 15% discount.

Legends of Pegasus is a turn-based space 4X game with real-time tactical battles, the classic mechanics mix of lately in space 4X games. But, LoP brings something new to the table: in addition to the classic sand-box mode LoP features a single player campaign, something seldom seen in the 4X game arena.

The game offers three playable races, each one with its own set of flaws and strengths. But, one thing worth noting is that players will be allowed to fully customize a race. This is surely a big plus for these types of games.

As a preview build has not yet been made available (and everything leads to believe there will not be one), you can know more about Legends of Pegasus in our interview with Novacore Studios. In this interview you’ll know more about how research works, what’s the ship design system like, know more details about the campaign, the races and more.

Don’t miss also our collection of screenshots that we’ve been collecting over the months of LoP’s development. By the way, the list has just been updated today with 15 new shots. They are quite nice! There are also some trailers available, including one of the latest, that probably contains the most gameplay elements, and that you can see right below.

We can’t complain on the lack of space 4X games to play this summer that’s for sure! :)

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  1. Jeff P says:

    Nice looking pictures, but I wonder if there is something that they don’t want us to see? No beta test or preview builds suggests they have little confidence in their product. Too many games in this genre have been released in virtually unplayable condition by publishers anxious to recover development costs. This gamer won’t consider dropping any money on LoP until I see a full review by this site and others who get a hands-on with the release version.

    • salvo says:

      exactly my thoughts, an ambitious project, a small dedicated team, too little time and resources, a publisher pushing for an early release to contain costs. Anyway, I’ll wait for Adam’s review, but I don’t have a good feeling about this, especially after such a big disappointment like SOTS 2

      • nornagest says:

        I thought the same. Especially after seeing the price, which is around 50% more than SoeSE:Rebellion or Endless Space.
        I like SotS 2, but it’s condition is a shame, though it is much better than at release. :-/

  2. Zero says:

    Who knows how this will turn out? Could be a sleeper hit, you never know. The marketing has not been very community focused. Yet, even so, this game is second place on the poll of most anticipated 4x games. It’s like the less people know the more they want it?

    You could have a boat, or the MYSTERY BOX!

    • Keith Turner says:

      I’ve been following their forums for awhile and a lot of people are saying they are not willing to purchase the game without more detailed information and videos. I’m sure some of these people will end up buying it anyway, but I think quite a few are going to be really cautious, especially if they have been burned by a pre-order before.

      People really want a 4x turn based game with great combat mechanics though, and both SOTS II and Endless Space have failed to deliver the complete package in my opinion. I think that is why so many people are anticipating this title. Given that this is a new IP and new developer, what we are going to end up getting is likely going to fail to meet expectations, and I think people know that. They (and I) would love to be proven wrong though.

      I am somewhat put off by the fact that I purchased Port Royale III from Kalypso and found it to be a pretty shallow title. I’m not sure its fair to judge them based on that though, as that game was done by a completely different developer and Kalypso was again just the publisher. A lot of people had issues with the Kalypso published Jagged Alliance: BIA game too. Again, hard to blame a publisher, but at the same time they do have the final say on how and when a game releases. Anyway, I’ve started to become much more cautious, and a small preorder discount incentive isn’t quite forcing me to pull the trigger on a LoP preorder.

      Let’s hope LoP is awesome though. We need a contender!

      • Kyle "Lordxorn" Rees says:

        I would have to disagree about Endless Space, which I think is an excellent title. Now, maybe if the ES was not just released people would be more willing to “support” LOP?

        I mean they are not even offering a beta for those who pre-order..

      • JD says:

        Don’t blame the publisher on those games. Kalypso is also the publisher of the Tropico series and these are good and fun games. But I agree with you that Endless Space is a odd ball. It’s a good game but in comparison to other older 4x titles it seems more simplistic. As you said; the complete package seems to be missing. Although I understand that a lot of people like the battle card mechanics. It does speed things along.

  3. Ridon says:

    sots2 and ES disappointed me somehow.. so this time i’ll be strong and won’t buy a 4X game immediatly ;) sorry LoP but i need a good review and a demo or free beta to be sure that this is the right game!

  4. Adam Solo says:

    I’ve just (re-)requested an early LoP dev build to Kalypso. If I succeed in my request I hope to have some more to give you soon. If not, I’ll try to find other ways to get more info.

    Or, we just wait 1 month and then we’ll have a review :)

    • JD says:

      Let’s hope you’ll get a build to preview or perhaps you’ll get a early review even. I think this game might be a nice suprice, I sure like the ship building parts and the colony creation/management looks interesting too. Then again I am a bit biased when it comes to micro management, I like that stuff, especially when it comes to creating/managing colonies.

  5. Zero says:

    Just for everyone’s information, one of the first StarDrive expansions is going to be a Total Ruleset Conversion to what is basically a MOO2 clone. We’re going to take all of the StarDrive assets and just rework them into a turn-based system. We’re going to drill down the ship-building to the MOO2 ruleset — no more modules, instead having HP/systems/Shields. And, because it’s just a Ruleset conversion, we won’t need to put any effort at all into new art assets. We’re just going to take what we’ve got and make a new game out of it. That’s probably a Q1 2013 thing.

    • Zeraan says:

      I was actually planning on something similar to your idea, but for MoO 1, having all rules match MoO 1’s rules. Looks like people got both games covered! :D

    • caekdaemon says:

      Just curious, but will future expansions require that one in any shape or form?

      Just asking, since I doubt I will be buying that one.

      • Zero says:

        No. But content expansions should fit right into it. I plan to do a Rules Conversion for a MOO 2 like game and then a rules conversion for an Escape Velocity clone. DLC will have new content that will work automatically for all rulesets.

  6. Eroots says:

    That sounds great Zero. I’m looking forward to that.

    • Jeff P says:

      Hmm… looks kinda cartoony, not the pseudo-realistic graphics of previous trailers. Nothing wrong with cartoon-like graphics as long as the style is used consistently throughout the project. World of Warcraft uses a cartoon graphic style that is very pleasing, and Borderlands cell animation-style graphics grow on you quickly. I wonder if this cut is actual game animation or a background trailer explaining the backstory? Guess we’ll know in a month.

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