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Rome: Total War 2 Announced for 2013

By on July 6th, 2012 8:39 am

Total War: Rome 2

This is a bit of old news now but I still think it deserves a post for the 4X and Total War games’ fans delight. Rome: Total War’s sequel Total War: Rome 2 has been recently announced by The Creative Assembly.

As you probably know we also post about non-space/scifi games from time to time, when we find them of special interest to the blog’s strategy gaming community. We think that the Total War series is such a case.

Not much is know about this Rome: Total War’s sequel yet, but there are a few bits of information around already. I recommend an interesting preview made by EuroGamer, where they talk with the communications manager for The Creative Assembly.

Total War: Rome 2

In this preview they talk about “bigger and bloodier battles”. They also stated that “navies and armies can now fight alongside one another” and that battles are “played out in a much prettier version of the series’ real-time battle engine and suggests all sorts of destructible scenery”. The budget is bigger – “about 40 per cent bigger” than any other project Creative Assembly has ever undertaken. And, they’re aiming for a tentative release date on the “second half of 2013”.

The Roman Empire is one of my favorite eras of all history, and Rome: Total War one of my favorite games. It surely is a big hit in the strategy/4X gaming community. With Total War: Rome 2 looks like we’ll be travelling back again to the times of “The Glory of Rome”, and now apparently even in a more epic scale.

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  1. caekdaemon says:

    I’m looking forward to this, but I’m looking forward even more to Medieval 3.

    We all know it is coming.

  2. Evan says:

    Oh this is good news. But do we really need a third Medieval Total War as stated by a fan above? Medieval 2 came out just over 5 years ago. It boasts DirectX 9 graphics and a totally overhauled engine from the likes of Rome Total War. I think its a very polished game which was expanded upon in Empires Total War a few short years later. Then we recently got Shogun 2 which was pretty much on par with Medieval 2 and Empires in terms of refinement of gameplay and graphics.

    So really if there needs to be a new Total War game after Rome 2 I would hope its something fresh and exciting. Something like a Midgard Total War or Middle Earth Total War would be an awesome change of pace. Just imagine the possibilities with that one. There hasn’t been a proper Strategy Fantasy game done since Warhammer Dark Omen. And that is one dated game by todays standards. A Middle Earth Total War would cream my pants even just thinking about the fictional world map that would look nothing like Earth. This would definitely get people buzzing over the Total War franchise.

    • Adam Solo says:

      Warhammer Dark Omen! Boy, that was a fun game. A Middle Earth Total War? Sounds wonderful. Perhaps that could be achieved through modding to some extent? Although without the real middle earth map maybe it wouldn’t be worth it.

      The thing is that Creative Assembly has always gone after the historical theme. Don’t know if they would suddenly shift course and bet on a fantasy 4X game, although I would surely love that.

  3. Keith Turner says:

    Very excited about Total War: Rome II. I have high hopes for this one.

    • Adam Solo says:

      Rome: Total War is indeed a wonderful game. A very addictive and fun 4X game to play no doubt. I loved the battles (although they could start to become a bit too repetitive alright) but also the strategic map which felt alive and really managed to transport you to that era. The introduction of naval units doing battle alongside your army units sounds wonderful. Also very excited for Rome 2 here, as you can tell from the post :)

      • Martok says:

        Ugh. I despised Rome, to the very core of my being. It remains my very least-favorite entry in the Total War series to date, and is in fact my second-biggest disappointment with a PC game ever (after Master of Orion 3, of course). I didn’t even hate Empire as much as I did RTW, which is saying a lot! I couldn’t stand the direction Creative Assembly took the franchise after Medieval 1, and after the fiasco that was ETW, I pretty much gave up on the series entirely.

        That being said, however, it sounds like they really rebounded and found their groove again with Shogun 2. I’ve not gotten around to trying it out yet, but it’s by almost all accounts their best entry since at least MTW1, possibly even the original STW. If CA can keep that momentum going and incorporate all the good stuff from STW2 into Rome 2, then I might actually have to get this one!

        I just don’t want to have my heart broken again…

      • Adam Solo says:

        Like Hypnotron below I would also like to know what you hate about Rome so much. Being a game that I loved to play it would be quite interesting to have your take on it.

        My only complaints go to the battles, that could become a bit too repetitive and predictable. I remember the AI being challenging enough and the strategic map being quite good. Is your hate one of comparison with other games of the series? A disappointment of some sort? I ask this because I’m interested to know if I missed a better TW than Rome :)

      • salvo says:

        I love the total war series. There is really nothing comparable there, though there have been other games as well combining the TB strategy layer with RT tactical battles, no one has actually come close to TW. Of course each of the games has its flaws, the AI, as for most startegy games, is the weakest aspect, some my dislike the historical inaccuracy, but hey it’s just a game after all, and as a game TW excels in providing an unique involving experience. Having said that each title is great in its own right, I think that so far the first and the last have been the best of the series, both shoguns. As for Rome, there are mods too, which make the game really shine, especially Europa Barbarorum. Not to forget the fantastic Third Age mod for medieval 2. Unfortunately, CA has considerably scaled back mod support lately.

      • Keith Turner says:

        I tried the Shogun 2 demo and didn’t enjoy it. I think a big reason for that is that I don’t care for the time period or setting. I think a big part of whether or not you enjoy a particular game in the series is going to depend on if you like the setting or not. Rome and ancient Greece are two of my favorite historical periods. Also, the fact that they plan to focus a bit more on the political aspects of Rome, the senate, and the ambition of the generals is hopefully going to act new strategic depth to the game.

        Sorry to hear you didn’t care for Rome:TW, Martok. Hopefully you tried some of the mods that are available for it as they offer improvements that are pretty highly regarded. Of course, if you just dislike the setting, I can completely understand. A WWII total war for instance would bore me to tears.

  4. Hypnotron says:

    Martok, please tell us what made you hate Rome TW so much! because Rome remains my favorite of the series.

    Also, i didnt read the Creative Assembly announcement yet, but is the great Jeff van Dyck doing the sound track again along with the beautiful vocals of his wife Angela? They were sorely missed in Empire and Napolean!

    Rome to me is one of the greatest PC games ever made. It’s timeless and I have just as much fun playing it today as I did when it came out. Although I loved Shogun 1, Shogun 2 was a huge disappointment for me. It felt like the tactics were diminished and every battle turned into this huge clusterf*** as battle lines always seemed to break down and turn into a giant pile of fubar.

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