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Spaceforce Constellations Released by Indie Dreamatrix

By on July 20th, 2012 4:27 pm

Spaceforce Constellations

Indie studio Dreamatrix has released Spaceforce Constellations about 10 months after its announcement. Spaceforce Constellations is a turn-based space action-strategy game for the PC and is now available for digital download on GamersGate.

I didn’t try it yet, but judging from the game’s features, and the release trailer, SC seems to be quite simple, which is not the same as saying it cannot be fun of course. The game seems to be mostly about space combat, which is fought in turns via a card-based system. Ships gain experience from battle and can be upgraded. Collecting crystals, the game resource, seems to be the  game’s strategic layer, and is played as a mini-game. There are three types of crystals available which you need to possess to unlock certain weapons and special attacks.

I plan to have a closer look on this one. The game mechanics may sound simplistic but I’m somewhat intrigued by the turn-based combat system. Who knows, maybe this is a fun gem that we could be missing out, or not. For more information on Spaceforce Constellations check Dreamatrix’s official website.

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  1. Jeff P says:

    I’m looking for a simple strategic game to play when my brain is tired. I’ve been playing many games of “10 Space Strategy” and am looking for a new challenge. Sorry if I sound cheap, but I hope you get your review up soon.

    • Fimbul says:

      what about Endless Space? ^^

      • Jeff P says:

        Thanks to my good fortune and the tremendous generosity of Space Sector, I have a copy of Endless Space. I have been hesitant to post this, but I can’t get into the game. I found the different races to have little distinguishing personality, the game has neither whimsy nor drama, and while the UI is very clean, it isn’t particularly intuitive. I find myself “working” to play a game that isn’t compelling. Hence my interest in alternatives such as SC.

    • Marduke says:

      While i crank y brain on various games, what do you mean of simple and challenging?? Or it is just saying a new challenge meaning… of something that you haven’t played and it is simple?? You dont mind old games or just modern?

  2. Marduke says:

    I don’t know why i heard the name spaceforce mixed in the title all of the sudden i have this bad vibe remembering the other games that are named spaceforce, interesting to play for a while but not in a good way and tends to drag. But probably it could be worth testing it out.

  3. lammaer says:

    I gave a try, but it’s a really-really simple and boring game.

    The “strategic” part is just simple move between the stars, where no surprises happen, only a battle awaits. Even worse, mostly you can go only one direction, no exploration or any opportunity to decide what to do. Harvesting the “resources” are also without any purpose or surprises.
    The battles are repetitive, no tactical options at all in them (you just click, the ships shoot, whoever had more ships / more HP will win).

    I usually like small and quick games (I still remember STRANGE ADVENTURES IN INFINITE SPACE, which is a gem), but this one looks like an entry for a primary school game programming contest.
    Boring, repetitive, no content.

    I wonder if you will post a review on it, but if you do, I will be intwerested if you can find any good point on this game.

  4. Sledge Hammer says:

    This game is really bad.
    There is a youtube video showing the game, and its really that boring…

    Dont waste your money on it.

  5. Sledge Hammer says:

    Ok here is some little more info about how the game plays.

    You have a little fleed which has 2 “melee” ships with lasers.
    You fly from waypoint (constellation) to waypoint.
    At every waypoint there is an enemy fleet.
    The you have to fight them like in Heroes of Might and Magic.
    You have special attacks which cost crystals.
    When you win the battle your surviving ships will be repaired automatically.

    When you gain some levels you can get other ships like “ranged” missile ships and repair ships.
    You can later also lead up to 6 ships in battle.

    The Card-Combat is only used in boss fights (I guess thats where the 80 one on one battles comes from). After the boss fight the path to new waypoints should open.

    The crystals can be gathered in some mini game where you have a field of approx. 70 hex fields and 12 trials, similar to battleships you click on a field and it either contains a crystal or not.
    You can do that up to 3 times and then have to fly to another waypoint.
    If you do not hit a crystal it displays some different color codings but I couldnt figure out what they are supposed to mean (maybe the distance to a crystal like in minesweeper).
    The combat AI is not very clever, instead of ganging up on one ship they often distribute their firepower on both of my ships and then I dont lose any ship at all.

    If the randomizer isnt bad enough they eventually kill one of my ships.
    Then I have to fly back to any space station and just buy a new one.

    There is another mini game where you search for life (same game as with the crystals), dont know what the life is for havent found any.

    The battle animations are solid 3D, but thats the only good thing I saw in the game.
    Unfurtunately its boring.
    I was hoping for a decent HoMM in space (maybe Ill give Space Force Captains a try, despite the mediocre reviews).
    I played it for 15 minutes and regretted it, especially since reading through the tutorial was roughly half of the time I spent on it.

    • Jeff P says:

      Thanks for the review. At this point in my life my time is more valuable than money and now I know not to waste either on this game.

    • Evil Azrael says:

      Sounds really boring. But i wait for a little less biased review. Unluckily if you google for “spaceforace consteallation” you only find links to illegal downloads/torrents :\

  6. Walter says:

    I buy the game and sincerely i hope more of this game…is a simple game dont have deep is simple you travel between stars on a 2d map the combat system is really simple is like a board game the ships dont move only each one shoot in a turn…

    sincerely i dont like the game….i will wait legends of pegasus release i put all my wish and desires that legend of pegasus will be bettter than many games about space and rts in many years

  7. jay says:

    Looks like bargain bin garbage to be honest…

  8. omegaai says:

    Previous two space force games were an extreme disappointment. Wont fall for it the 3rd time.

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