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Deep Space Settlement Screens [New]

By on August 7th, 2012 12:26 pm
Screenshots added on Aug 7, 2012

For more information on this currently in development space 4X/RTS game check out our DSS Stellar Indie Venture article. There you’ll find out about DSS’s mechanics, features and a bit about the developer behind the project.

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  1. Jeff P says:

    Looks similar to Star Ruler, a game I purchased and played but never held my interest long enough to master. I much prefer 4X games that are more than than just “Xterminate”: SotS, the GalCivs, Star Empires series, MOO I&II, ES, and maybe Star Lords. If the point of the game is space combat, then I expect the graphics of the game to draw me into the game universe and keep me playing, which Star Ruler didn’t do. I’m afraid Deep Space Settlement appears (at this point) to be neither an intoxicating space RTS in the mold of SoSE nor a cerebral MOO-like 4X experience.

    • Adam Solo says:

      It’s hard to tell at this point. At the moment, and judging from the shots alone, emphasis seems to be put on space battles but if you look at the game’s features it also includes empire building, resource gathering, trade, customizable ships and tech progression.

      The dev’s tag line for DSS is “a real-time strategy game for PC, focused on empire building and grand-scale space battles(4X RTS)”. Could be similar to SoaSE (now in full 3D) or SotS, but it could be something in between SoaSE and MoO2 also. We’ll just have to wait a bit longer to see.

      • Mathias says:

        DSS is nothing like Star Ruler. The comparison is just not fair, especially at this point. DSS is indeed a lot about empire building and creating an economy. Most of this is not shown, because all of the assets for this are created just now. However, the mechanics are all there. If you take a look here you can see a small settlement, where two asteroids(right and left edge) are mined and refined. There’s also a solar station, a factory and a bunch of transport ships bringing resources from one place to another. In addition there’s a shipyard and of course the colony station. At the top left, there are a bunch of turrets, targeting the point where the AI warped in previously. I think DSS is very unique, among the 4X games. I’m not sure if Stephanie agrees, but I think it could be described as “The settlers meets Homeworld”.

        • StephanieRct says:

          I endorse everything Mathias said. The Settlers has been an important influence for DSS. I must admit that I enjoyed playing Settlers without any enemies at all, spending my time building my little empire and gathering all the minerals! :D

          As Adam said, the 2 focus are empire building (which includes economy, trading, tech tree, etc) and grand scale combat. So far we showed more combat than empire building, but that will come. :)

          @Jeff P
          What I suggest you to do though is go on DSS forum ( and tell us what you would like to see in DSS. What you disliked in other 4X RTS games. Ask us questions, give us suggestions, etc. We value greatly players’ opinions, we are very open minded and try to be as transparent as possible about the development of DSS.


  2. abinns2 says:

    I hope those background in the screen shots are interchangable cause that red isn’t working for me but all in all it seems like a 3d version of AI war

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