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Space Rangers HD: A War Apart in Q4 2012 and New Shots

By on August 24th, 2012 12:01 pm

Space Rangers HD: A War Apart

1C Company announced Space Rangers HD: A War Apart for the PC back in April of this year. What’s new about it is a new pack of screenshots from Gamescom and the release date that still stands for later this year, more “precisely” Q4 2012.

I never played the Space Rangers series but I understand it is a very popular one among space games fans, with Space Rangers, Space Rangers 2: Dominators and Space Rangers 2: Reboot currently available. The series seems to be a mix of many genre elements, from text adventure to real-time strategy, space trading to turn-based strategy, role-playing to shoot’em up, you name it :) Just because of this I feel already quite tempted to check it out :)

Space Rangers returns in Space Rangers HD: A War Apart in full HD and with a new storyline. SR:HD is expected to remaster the Space Ranger: Dominators and Reboot games allowing players to revisit those games or to take part in a new story. You need to engage in multiple activities: buy and sell goods, fight in space and hyperspace (in hyperspace? Wow!), accomplish missions, liberate planets in 3D real-time strategy battles and complete text adventures.

Additionally, the game has updated the Space Rangers Universe with new upgrades for spaceships, new planetary battles, text quests and hyperspace engagements available for pirates and rangers. I imagine the fans know what I’m talking about. An additional note worth mentioning is that this edition brings full widescreen support up to 1920×1200 resolution.

Seems like a good entry point to try the Space Rangers Universe :) Anyone here played the series? What can you tell us about it?

New shots (gamescom 2012)

Older shots

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  1. Josh B says:

    I may be in the minority, but I’ve tried the Space Rangers games more than once, and *really* disliked them each time.

    • JohnR says:

      Josh, I’m sorry to say that I agree with you. I did the Reboot demo and it sparked my interest enough to buy the game. Unfortunately though, I’ve tried playing the full game twice now and just can’t seem to get in to it. I would add though that I love Star Wolves, the other space game series marketed by the Russian company InoCo. I’m about half way through the original Star Wolves game now and think it’s good bordering on great.

  2. Grey says:

    I have the whole series and will likely add this to it. Love the game. Never the same game twice!

  3. Fimbul says:

    really nice!!!
    I’m looking forward for it. i played it quite alot and really liked the mixture of genres. I just had some hard times with the arcade part in hyperspace, had to get lot better weapons to take down the dominators core (one of the three) who apears in hyperspace. the rts part was is in my opinion really funny, you can desing your own roboters and it’s played a little bit like dawn of war.

  4. Evil Azrael says:

    In Space Rangers 1 I sucked so bad that game was more or less unwinnable even without loosing. Dominators was really cool. The blend of simple 2D action, economics, strategy and especially the complex text adventure quests was really enjoyable. The ground battles were okay, but i would not miss them if they were omitted. I really recommend the sequel, but it’s a time killer.

  5. Jay says:

    I own Space Rangers 2 Reboot. I found a mod that lets you change the resolution to fit your native screen res with no distortion.. so buying this new version is not something I would consider. SR is not for everyone. I’ve always been an 4x and Sim fan for space games and SR does not fit right for me. However, after hearing good things I though I would try it. I took a few times but I gave it a chance and Im glad I did. I look at SR as a Roll Playing game. The space graphics look arcadic like the games we used to play in the 90’s but once I got passed all that SR started to grow on me. It has numerous things to do from pirating to trading. You can land on planets and so have different terrian. There is a RTS mini game were you battle Dominators that I did not care for. Not because I hate RTS or anything, but because it was poorly developed. All you do is click from A to B and destroy anything that gets in your way. The space portion is what I enjoyed most. I was ignored the text adventures for obvious reasons and the hyper space thing as well. It just depends on one’s tastes whether it’s for you or not. But buying the same game again is not going to happen for me as Im not a fan of the series.

  6. Towerbooks3192 says:

    Looks interesting.

    my complaints for Space Rangers 2 and reboot:

    – I love the concept but I sort of feel that its just a mixed bag and not focusing on one or some aspects to make it deeper. It is like pirates where it is a sort of a compilation of mini-games instead of being a serious game.

    – The major reason why I hated this game is the text!! I mean does it hurt to sort of divide the text properly to make it easier to read and not just present a wall of text in front of me! I am a bookworm but the wall of text is intolerable, I mean it would have helped if back stories and additional infos will be on journals and not when you are given the quests

  7. Ashbery76 says:

    I think the only space trading game I enjoyed was Freelancer.Games like this and the X series bore me.

  8. Nick West says:

    I can’t say enough good things about the game. The mini game text adventures are great and remind me of the old games of yore that required me to pull out paper and pencil to solve the puzzles. The game also has a really satisfying “power curve” where you initially start out pretty weak, but slowly by doing missions, killing pirates, solving puzzles you can build your ship into a galactic wrecking ball. Also the universe is “dynamic” you can participate large scale raids, galactic prices fluctuate with real supply and demand.

    The current release you can find unofficial patches that enable any resolution, but it requires you to not have the Steam version.

  9. JiminyJickers says:

    I love Space Rangers Reboot. I have to jump through hoops to make it work on my laptop but its an awesome game.

    Very much looking forward to the re-re-release and hoping that it will run easier on the laptop.

  10. Matt says:

    I am really surprised that people here dislike or even ommit text adventures, which in my opinion are the best part of the game. These are very diverse, witty and just plain funny. Sometimes they remind me of old point&click adventure games or text games like Hitchhiker’s Guide To Galaxy with weird ways to complete your mission (although tey’re not so difficult as Hitchhiker’s Guide- whick had one of the weirdest and most difficult riddles in games ever). If anyone here read Stanislaw Lem’s books- these text adventures are written in a way a little bit similar to stories about Ijon Tichy, although without all the philosophical and scientifical context.

    Other parts of the game are great as well. Only RTS mini-game suffers from lack of polishing, like poor path-finding. Anyway, playing one half-hour battle every couple of hours is still fun.

    If you want to feel like real adventure hunter and have complete freedom, if you prefer engaging stories and imagination than tons of statistics, that’s the game for you. One minute you’re fighting evil machines, then you are taking part in pizza-making contest, after this you get terrible illness, spend all the money to cure yourself and can’t even affor repairing your ship so you start smuggling…

    • Smelly Space Lizards says:

      Yeah, except for a few of the later ones that got a little too esoteric I thought the text adventures were really well done.

      My only problem with them is that they’re really only fun on your first playthrough, and that’s a shame in a game with otherwise such great replayability. Personally that and the really bad RTS missions really completely killed my motivation to play through a second time.

  11. Jason Fairfield says:

    IMHO this is one of the finest games of the genre. I will definitely consider buying this.

  12. lammaer says:

    I liked SR2:Dominators much. It was really good to improve my ship step by stap, scawenge for better components.
    The land battles were crap, I skipped it. Definitely will take a look on the new version.

    Btw: is there any difference between SR2 Dominators and the SR2: HD? Apart from the graphic.

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