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Total War: Rome 2 Screens [Updated]

By on August 16th, 2012 10:02 am
Screenshots added on Aug 16, 2012
Screenshots added on Jul 6, 2012

Total War: Rome 2 (aka Rome: Total War 2) is targeted for release on the “second half of 2013″.

For more information check out the game’s official website.

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  1. gunnergoz says:

    If those are actual screenshots – especially the close ups with the facial expressions included – this game will be extraordinary and a real advance for the hobby.

  2. Ashbery76 says:

    Rome2 now with added penis.

  3. Ray says:

    So begins the marketing hype. Waaayy to early even for me. As has been shown repeatedly, the in game or stylised artist shots bare only small, or no relevance to the actual game play of many a hyped game in the past.

    People, you are using your imagination to fill in the likelyhood of a great game base on a few great looking (in-game?) shots. Take Simcity as an example of pre release marketing. Heavy heavy marketing hype. I personally think Maxis and EA are setting us up for a very shallow always online gaming experience.

    While I support the Total war series, I rarely play them any more. Take Shogun for example.. sits on my steam account and haven’t touched it for over a year. Everybody hopes or wishes that the Total war developers have/will be making a game that was as good as Rome I was – but frankly I am sceptical because in all their subsequent releases they have yet to reach the pinnacle of the First ROME game. I am hoping it will meet all our requirements, but I have been disappointed so many times in the past…..

    • Adam Solo says:

      You’re right, the primary purpose of companies releasing early shots and teaser trailers is just part of their marketing machine, of course it is. The idea is to get you emotionally involved, so that you start following the game. Don’t see any problem so far.

      On the other hand if there were no shots, no videos, no nothing, people would just start to wonder and even complain for more information. So there you are, some nice screenshots, nothing less nothing more.

      The question is. Even considering one may be all hyped after seeing very pretty shots and amazing video trailers what makes people buy (or worse: pre-order) these games on sight? – before any hands-on previews of these games are made or the final reviews? Why do people pre-order in the first place? Pre-orders were invented for you to assure your copy to avoid being left out of the game if the product becomes sold out. In our days, in the digital game world, there’s not such a problem anymore. Most games CAN’T BE SOLD OUT!

      So, why do people pre-order games these days is beyond me. Is it because of the free DLC and the 10% discount? Those are just gimmicks to get you. I recommend that you should always wait for hands-on previews or final reviews before committing on buying games. Today’s marketing is way too aggressive, we need all the help we can get to assure we make proper buys, considering that demos are a rare commodity these days.

  4. JD says:

    Wha … huh … ehhh …. NO SPACESHIPS ;-)

    • Adam Solo says:

      Haha! Now you’re thinking, what a hell happened just now? Has the guy hit publish on the wrong blog? Rest assured, all is normal. We cover non-space strategy games from time to time when we consider them of interest to the blog’s community. We also cover non-strategy space games from time due to the same reason. In all the blog’s scope is space and sci-fi strategy with occasional “non-space strategy” and “non-strategy space” games :)

      I know that you probably knew that already but I take advantage of your post to clarify this. Expect something more spacey today ;)

      • dayrinni says:

        I like it – for example, I didn’t know about the Civ V expansion until I read it here.

        Some of these games can be considered iconic (Civ, Total War, some Paradox Interactive games, etc), so they do deserve the spot light every now and then.

      • JD says:

        Haha yeah I knew already. Which is a very good idea. I can see spacesector becoming a site that covers several spectrums in the strategy genre.

        I never played the TW:Rome series, but these screens sure look wicked. Classical/medival period and sci-fi are the themes that interest me most by the way. But I am thinking I need a killer PC to run this.

        • Adam Solo says:

          Yea, these games need super machines. At the time I played Rome:Total War I couldn’t play at full splendor but still enjoyed the graphics quite a lot, although a bit laggy sometimes. I’ve just upgraded my rig, so, hopefully I’m on time for Total War: Rome 2, but one never knows :)

  5. JohnR says:

    I did really like RTW: Barbarian Invasions, though I think the game could have benefited from some strategic level scenarios rather than just the sandbox starting in 370AD and the one-off tactical battles. I mean, there’s a lot of interesting content in the later empire that has been relatively untouched by gaming. On a related note, I think the late republic/triumvirate period (covered in the original Rome TW) has been way overdone in gaming. I guess we have Caesar’s Commentaries, Shakespeare, and Hollywood to thank for that. ;o)

    Having said that, after mostly liking RTW and sort of liking Medieval 2, I got bored quickly with Empire and Napoleon. Playing them left me with a been there, done that feeling. IMHO, the TW series has gotten stale and is definitely overdue for a reboot. Hopefully Creative Assembly will do this with Rome2, though I’m not getting my hopes up.

  6. Keith Turner says:

    Amazing screenshots. I hope the game is as nice on the inside as it looks on the outside.

  7. Viktor says:

    Adam, I think that a lot of people (including me) are discovering this website more every day. I see you dedicating full-hands on game reviews of any kind. I’d like to see more reviews and previews and all kind of stuff from games that REALLY fill the interests of the gamer community. We PC-gamers are mostly grown-up folks (25+ yrs.) and really have no time subscribing to magazines or waiting for ads to finish to actually see videos or stuff. So, resuming, I just wanted to encourage you to do more reviews and previews of any kind of game you feel is good for out community. I don’t know how to say this, I hope you don’t get me wrong (is actually a compliment), but you’ve grown up on me!

    • Keith Turner says:

      Hi Viktor! It’s great to hear your comments and support for the site. I can’t speak for Adam, but I agree that we have a great community here of mature gamers. I myself have been gaming for about 25 years now. I’m proud to be a contributer here on the site, and I hope you will be happy with some of the upcoming game coverage I am working on. I have a couple of previews in the works, reviews (eventually once some of these titles start releasing), and I have the feeling I’ll be doing an AAR or two in the near future as well. Not all of these are space related, but they do fit the goals of the site.

      I’ll try not to let you down!

    • Adam Solo says:

      Thanks Viktor, I know what you mean. I think the blog’s central theme is clear but as you say it’s wonderful to also get some coverage on other games that don’t fall exactly on the space, sci-fi or strategy categories from time to time. After all we also love other genres besides strategy (e.g. RPG, space simulation) or other themes besides sci-fi (e.g. fantasy, historical).

      I think we managed to create a great community of matured gamers as Keith says (and developers), or grown-up folks as you call it, mostly PC-based people because that’s where the blog’s central themed games came from. So, I’ll do my best to continue covering these kind of games that we love and we’ve been growing up with. In this sense is not only a thematic blog but also a community-based site.

      The idea is, of course, to not only entertain our generations but also to pass all this to new generations so that they can understand better what made (and makes) these games great so that the genres covered here don’t die but by the contrary thrive and evolve. That’s probably the main mission here: keeping these genres alive and well. One day it’s up to these new generations to take the torch.

      All that said I expect the site to continue growing and evolving over the years. The team is growing. I haven’t yet announced it officially but we have new writers contributing periodically to the site. Some of you may know them already. These are people who have been following, commenting and contributing to the site for a long time now. And, people I trust and respect deeply. I’ll announce them (officially) soon.

      The blog’s central theme is science fiction, and the central genre is strategy. That will continue to be the site’s core identity for now. But, we’ll start to cover in-depth also a sci-fi sibling genre: fantasy strategy titles. I think it will work nicely because usually people who love sci-fi also tend to like fantasy to some degree, so, I’m convinced that those games will be well received.

      Besides sci-fi and fantasy strategy titles we’ll continue to cover also key historical strategy titles, that the game of this thread is a good example of. Games series like Civ, Total War or Europa Universalis are among the titles that I’m certain this blog’s community likes to play. Others will come if we find them of interest as well.

      So, I think we have a lot of fun ahead of us. Hopefully there will plenty of new titles to play and new installments of long known series to look for also. Count with to give you all the information possible but above all a place where you can talk about your favorite games.

  8. Zero says:

    SpaceSector is one of my goto sites everyday. I also like Penny Arcade report. I can trust the reviews here and there.

    • JohnR says:

      Of course I like Space Sector too, it’s one of my more recent finds. They’ve alerted me to a number of games I’m interested in. I also still sort of like Gamespot, but mostly because of Kevin vanOrd. He’s one of the best gaming critics out there. You may want to shoot me for saying this, but I also kinda like Angry Joe on Youtube. Watching his video reviews is cheap entertainment. His review of Star Trek Online was priceless! ;o) Game Squad is really good as well as they cover a plethora of things including science fiction and history, though they tend to be something of a young Republicans club. lol

    • Adam Solo says:

      It’s great to hear that Dan, thanks.

      Glad you like the place. I’ve grown with sites like Gamespot. Gamespot was, and still is, a great reference. I’ve seen it evolve, from PC games only to basically everything there is. And of course the problem when you’re too big is that you can’t help but to lose a bit of your identity. But, it still is a place I visit from time to time. Yea, Angry Joe is hilarious, it’s impossible not the like that guy :)

  9. somewhatkool says:

    With Rome was the big leap, the revolutionary change of going into 3D. What will Rome II do? it will must come up with something just as mind blowing else it could be the end of the series… the last few games have been mediocre to say the least with short playing time, now gathering dust. Rome I played over and over again, over the years…

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