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Tryst: A Fast-Paced Science Fiction RTS – New Trailer

By on August 3rd, 2012 11:12 am

Tryst: A new sci-fi RTS game

About a month ago I wrote about Tryst, a new sci-fi real-time strategy game set in the distant future where humans are at war with a mechanical alien race. Today, BlueGiant Interactive has released a new trailer revealing a bit more of the gameplay. Tryst is a fast-paced RTS game, similar to the StarCraft games’ series, where your main objective is to develop your base, manage resources and conquer your enemies. There’s a single player campaign but Tryst’s focus is multiplayer. It will support up to 8 players that may hop out from the game at any time. Apparently they are still accepting registrations for the beta. Checkout the official website for more information.

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  1. JohnR says:

    Tryst looks promising, if as you noted a bit like Starcraft 2. Hopefully the gameplay and story will be a lot better than that terribly overrated Blizzard game. IMHO SC2 was the biggest gaming disappointment in many years. In any event I will definitely try the Tryst demo when it is released.

    • dayrinni says:

      D3 didn’t do that well either. Makes me wonder how Titan will end up.

    • Sledge Hammer says:

      No Idea what youre talking about.
      Maybe it was for you the biggest disappointment, but then you must have hyped it really much.
      SC2s focus is on multiplayer, and its well balanced 3 races which are fairly different to play with.

      SC2 is a great game, and every RTS should prove to be better that SC2.
      Then there is the editor which lets gamers create so much more value to SC2.

      And this trailer did not show anything of a story at all, so what makes you hope this would be better?

  2. JohnR says:

    Sledge, don’t mean to hijack the thread, but, for one thing I thought the gameplay of SC2 was only marginally improved from the original SC. I had expected a lot more after ten years. Unlike games like Company of Heroes or Supreme Commander, Blizzard did absolutely nothing to move the RTS genre forward. For another, the original SC/Brood War story was great, but the SC2 story was terrible. It was like some cheesy, testosterone-heavy Hollywood action adventure ‘B’ movie. Also, to be honest, I didn’t think multiplayer was all that great either. I grew bored with it rather quickly.

    Back in the day Blizzard was great. They were young, hungry, innovative, and weren’t afraid to take chances. But fame, big money, bigger egos, and too many accountants killed them, and now they are content just to play it safe. Sort of like what happened to Microsoft, and like Microsoft, Blizzard is now mostly irrelevant.

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