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2 “Pay-What-You-Want” Indie Bundles With Sci-Fi In Them

By on September 19th, 2012 1:29 pm

This seems to be indie bundle season. First we had the IndieFort Championship Bundle, with some nice sci-fi titles in it. Now, almost in a row two new indie bundles were announced, these last two with a flexible pricing scheme where you literally pay what you want. And, you can decide to divert some of that money to charity as well.

The first of these new indie bundles is Bundle In A Box: Deep Space, and contains five space-based games, with a bonus batch of three other games if you choose to pay more than the average spent on the bundle so far. Plus some other extras that get unlocked for everybody when certain sales numbers are achieved.

The space-themed games included in Bundle in a Box are: Space Giraffe, an action arcade shooter style game; a Star Wars: TIE fighter inspired space-combat sim The Wreckless, a psychedelic arena shooter called Death Ray Manta; the RPG/adventure Dark Scavenger and the shoot-’em-up Armalyte. I have no first hand info to give you on any of these games unfortunately. On the bonus batch there’s the space shooter SOL: Exodus, which we covered here on SpaceSector; the fast-paced arcade game Miner Wars Arena and the galactic action platformer RobotRiot.

The second bundle is The Humble Bundle #6 and contains six games from which three titles are sci-fi themed. The sci-fi games are: the action platformer Rochard; the action-strategy space RPG Space Pirates And Zombies (which we have a review!) and the steampunk puzzle platformer Vessel. All games in this bundle are said to be compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

All the games on these two bundles are DRM-free, meaning you can just download, install and go with no need for third-party tools or online verification methods. Both bundles also support charity, where in The Humble Bundle you can even choose how much of your money goes to charity, to the developers or the Humble Bundle system itself.

It’s always time to support the indies! Specially when you can set your price ;) Space Pirates and Zombies seems to be a good bet, if you happen to like action-strategy RPG games that is. Unfortunately we don’t have any first-hand information (first impressions or reviews) on any of the other titles at this moment.

Thanks to Konstantinos from IndieGames and Blue’s News for the tip.

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  1. Jeff P says:

    Boy, some of those games bring back memories. “Space Giraffe” is made by Llamasoft, originally an indie developer for the Amiga (Llamatron). Armalyte was a platform shoot-em-up for the C64.

    The Humble Indie Bundle has several well-made platformers (not my favorite game style) but the stars of the group are S.P.A.Z. and Torchlight, both games (IMHO) that are in themselves worth the cost of admission.

    Incidentally, the previous indie article on the bundles available at Gamers Gate (Sept 10, 2012) mentioned Blue Libra as one of the featured games. The publisher Orator Games has released a follow-up, Blue Libra 2 that is more sophisticated and challenging than the original. This game is available from Orator ($5.99) and is a Steam “GreenLight” competitor.

    • Adam Solo says:

      I also found the platformers to be well made. Not my favorite style either but I also noticed that.

      Thanks for mentioning Blue Libra 2. I was aware of it but was still thinking on what to write about it. Maybe a first impressions or review will come out, we’ll see.

  2. Towerbooks3192 says:

    Hey adam, will you be updating us on the bundle on humble bundle or will you update us with news about it here or only if there are space games that will be bundled?

    I just discovered about this and I bought 2 bundles for a friend

  3. Towerbooks3192 says:

    Just an update on this one

    I think they included gratuitous space battles and other games if you payed 6.98 or something

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