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Most Wanted Entertainment Hits Kickstarter for Nexus 2

By on September 28th, 2012 3:22 pm

After a failed crowdfunding attempt at the now defunct, Most Wanted Entertainment is back again, now on Kickstarter, for Nexus 2: The Gods Awaken.

MWE failed to achieve its 400K goal at their first crowdfunding shot, and are now trying their luck again on a more well known crowdfunding platform, no doubt, and surely on a different time. They are now asking for 650K and say to have a full design ready “for a truly worthy successor to the original game (…) and [to] bring it up to date with state-of-the-art visuals and even richer gameplay” ~Most Wanted Entertainment.

They propose to use the Unreal Engine and promise state of the art graphics, modular ship design and full control over every weapon and system of all the ships under your command. Since their idea is to develop a straight sequel it means that Nexus 2 will also be a space-based real-time tactics game, like its predecessor.

They didn’t announce the supported platforms yet, although judging from the original game everything leads to believe a PC version is envisaged. There’s also no release plan set at the moment. They say to have a full design document already, they are now asking for the money to go ahead into production mode.

These are the original developers of the real-time tactics game Nexus: The Jupiter Incident. If there is a sequel made one day they probably are the best bunch available to develop it.

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  1. DavePC says:

    I hope the game gets funded. Nexus: tji was a fun game and if they can expand upon that in this sequel then we can expect a great game

  2. Da-Fort says:

    ’bout damn time!

  3. Evil Azrael says:

    Yeeeehaah, Hopefully this time they manage to get the money :)

    Btw Adam, Kickstarter offers a “widget” for every project that can be integrated as iframes into your site. I use them in rotation on my website.

  4. Evil Azrael says:

    Wow, they are fast. I asked about any Online-DRM Plans. They answered within 10 minutes. And the answer ist quite favorable :) Okay i back them :)
    Oh, they plan is quite steep. With an average of let’s say 50 USD Backers, they need 13.000 Backers. Hopefully there are enough enthusiastic fans :)

  5. kirth says:

    I still have the jupier incident installed in my computer :D

    I really hope this makes it

  6. ray says:

    I did enjoy the original nexus – graphics and strategy way ahead of most other Space games out there when it first came out – and remained so for quite some time after release. Big battelships in space!!
    While this video clip is too contrived for me to really get into it – we are obviously still looking at pre start sell. I guess they want some strong public feedback before they really commit.
    Not sure where I stand on this at the moment. I think the Developers need to actually commit some time to a basic proper mock up rather than showing us drawings and a six year old video and hinting at even better stuff now…. and floating ideas in a one on one contrived conversation.
    take a hint from me – TOO WOODEN GUYS. Stick to development – not acting.
    In other words plunck down some money and time (just like the old days). It seems more recently everyone wants an assured winner and funding backers are less willing to cough up dough unless success is absolutely certain. If I where to commit to supplying a kickstarter cash input I would need to see far more than what is on offer in this video.
    With risk and investment being the gamble it is also the chance to make a huge killing or a major loss – which is all part of the capitalism game. If we could be all assured of a profit with no risk then we end up with boring games and dwindling profits. But that it seems, is what everyone is striving for and that is precisely what we are getting. Too many “me too” games.

    • Tausken says:

      I really agree they need to commit a basic mock up or something. Think of Planetary annihilation for example which had a completely rendered video, not game play

      The video itself felt really boring. You need to converse with your audience rather than sell points on kickstarter. Show your passion and love rather than some cheesy acted thing. Give examples of game play rather than broad and general statements.

      Hope it gets funded as I loved Nexus 1.

    • Ty says:

      I agree about the presentation being rough. It could have gone a long way if they focused on updating a short demo of what they intended the game to be like. It has been YEARS since the original release, surely there is some free time to work on things like updated demos. As for “investment” aspect, we need to remember that kickstarter projects are NOT investments.

      It’s more like micro-patronage. We give money in the hopes that something we would like to see in the world comes to be. And if it does we might get some perks for being an early backer, but it is not as HARD a requirement as an investment return.

      I intend to put some money down for the project but I am more worried about its chances to hit its funding goal than the teams follow through. It’s not a shooter, or a sports game, and that seems to be what most people play – aside from casual games. This genre has been barren for a LONG time, and even when the original Nexus was released it kind of stood alone as no one else was making tactical space combat sims. I liked it more than homeworld in terms of gameplay, but again, are most people into that kind of stuff?

      They need a REALLY effective updated demo video and less of them talking and trying to act, that was painful.

      • Adam Solo says:

        I liked the Nexus experience but I prefered Homeworld. Nexus is purely tactical while Homeworld has more strategy in it. Well, my personal preference.

        The acting was terrible but funny at the same time. Acting quality is not the point anyway but I agree that they should have talked less and presented more. However, this is a design kickstarter, so, there’s really no game to show off yet.

  7. Cristo says:

    Why does a company need funding when they produce a sequel? they didnt make enough cash because the first game in that serious was no sucess?

    I read they produced many games for various platforms so what they did in past should have given them cash for future project and pay their present bills. I am not realy wondering about the game itself but about why these specific people would need public funding.

    For me its like microsoft starts a funding project for windows 8 because development is expansive and they can make a bit of cash from fans. Maybe its just me that doesnt understand that and in my simpleminded thinking believe its small garage independant groups that need this kind of help.

    • Wodzu says:

      Interesting point. Maybe they’ve found a way to abuse the kickstarter system?

    • sly ostinato says:

      Cristo beat me to in AND was reading my mind – didn’t them make enough money on their first Nexus game to fund development of a sequel? didn’t they manage their money properly? too much indulgence of champagne and caviar? Nahhh, they won’t be getting any contributions from me. Even if the first game didn’t produce large sums of cash, they had all those other titles that were bringing in the dough. They need to use company resources that they have in reserve to develop this game. Something smells very fishy here with them trying to use KickStarter to get money for this sequel venture. As Wodzu alluded to – perhaps they’ve found a way to game the KickStarter system. Nope…something isn’t right here.

  8. Tom says:

    Does this have ANYTHING to do with that FANTASTIC video that’s been hanging out there as NEXUS 2 gameplay? (Dueling capital ships, fighters and massive explosions)

  9. Adam Solo says:

    In a first update MWE clarified the following:

    – Primary platform: PC. One of the first stretch goals will be other platforms such as Mac.
    – Game will be DRM free for all Kickstarter backers.
    – If you prefer to donate via paypal you can send them an email stating the pledge tier. They will add the money if they succeed.

    Details here.

  10. Ahbery76 says:

    Geez I wanted to stop spending money on this and now Nexus 2 appears.I loved the first game.I much prefer real time tactics games over real time clickfests.

  11. WormSlayer says:

    Awesome news, money pledged!

  12. Porca says:

    24 days to go and only 78k pledged? I have the feeling that we won’t see nexus 2 soon. Let’s hope i’m wrong tho….

  13. Andreas says:

    just made my day!!!!! loved the 1st one cant wait for the release IF it happens… unfortunately it doesnt look like they will raise the funds :( we have to tell people out there that this is an awesome game that needs to get out to the masses come on people lets do this…..only 16 days left

  14. Evil Azrael says:

    Like expected they failed. Probably they asked for too much money.

    • Adam Solo says:

      Or perhaps they showed too little progress since last time they applied to a crowfunding scheme. First attempt was in the now defunct crowdfunding platform.

      160K was still an achievement though. I’m convinced that if they had presented a solid prototype that looked very promising, like Chris Robert’s Star Citizen 1-year prototype for example, they could have pull it off.

      I’m convinced that this should be something future Kickstarters should have in mind when applying. If you’re aiming for the big bucks then have something already to show people, to convince them that you mean business. It’s not that it’s not possible to achieve big otherwise, Planet Annihilation kinda proved it’s possible to achieve big with nothing too concrete. But, you would increase your chances dramatically if you do. Chances are that if you don’t show something to people you will only achieve the 75-200K mark. And that if you’re lucky, have a strong record or a fanatic fan base behind. At least judging from past activity.

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