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Total War: Rome 2 First Gameplay Trailer

By on September 26th, 2012 12:39 pm

The Creative Assembly and Sega have released the first gameplay footage of their new Rome Total War game, featuring the Siege of Carthage. It’s not more than a small teaser but it does include a few gameplay elements here and there, although quite frankly it’s quite hard to distinguish which parts of the trailer are cinematics from the ones which are actual gameplay. The parts that seem like gameplay looks gorgeous indeed. Now, please show us something from the strategic layer as well.

The Creative Aseembly announced Total War: Rome 2 back in July of this year and promised to innovate the franchise with “navies that can fight alongside armies” and the “prettiest version of the series real-time battle engine [with] all sorts of destructible scenery” with a 40% bigger budget than any other Creative Assembly project to date (e.g. Napolean TW, Shogun TW, Medieval TW, etc).

Total War: Rome 2 has a tentative release date for the “second half of 2013″. We’ll be following this title closely. It’s not space or sci-fi themed but it is one of those highly popular strategy games that I’m sure many would like to see covered here. There are also a few screenshots already available that show a few more glimpses of the gameplay.

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  1. Loyal_Viggo says:

    At this stage it’s too early to tell, but it looks promising.

    The true sign will be if this game supports modding to the extent that Medieval 2 does, which is outstanding and enriched so much by a still-going fan community who make such superb total conversions as:

    Call of Warhammer – love to crush all with my Vampire Knights!
    The Third Age (LOTR) – who doesn’t love to retake Moria with a Dwarven host?!?
    Stainless Steel – realism and extended units galore.

    Mods like that are the reason people still play Medieval 2 over the newer, less engaging and more arcade-style TW series (I’m looking at you Shogun 2).

    I really hope they listen to the community and provide full mod tools.

  2. lammaer says:


    • Adam Solo says:

      Spaceships are not a requirement ;) What happens is that we cover non-space games every now and then. Classic and iconic strategy series like Civ, TW, Paradox grand strategy titles or even Fantasy strategy games like Fallen Enchantress will get a spot here from time to time. I hope you enjoy. But, these titles will not be part of the “Games list”. That is reserved for sci-fi & space games with strategic and/or tactical elements, the blog’s theme.

    • DeLastOne says:

      Lammaer… This is the true story…

    • Harry says:

      There is a cheat in the game type in “Centurio galaxica”..
      Und you get a battlecruiser with Hyperstream engine !

      Take this german barbarians ..

  3. Evil Azrael says:

    Go, Space Romans, go!

    *scnr* I Had the same thought when i saw the head line in the RSS feed.

  4. JohnR says:

    I’ll keep an open mind about this one, but I really think the Total War series is badly in need of a major overhaul, and not just prettier graphics. IMHO, the Total War series has gotten rather stale.

    I’ve been playing AGEOD’s new Roman game Alea Jackta Est, and frankly I think it blows Rome Total War away, even if it doesn’t have tactical battles like the Total War series. The AGEOD game is so much more rich, deep, and historically accurate. Also, it gets into the wars of the later Empire rather than just the same old Punic Wars and late Roman Republic period that has been done to death in games.

    On a related note, someone did a science fiction novel a few years ago about a Roman Empire that never fell and exists in the far future as a galactic empire. Also, the late great science fiction writer Isaac Asimov admitted to being heavily influenced by Gibbon’s ‘Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’ when he wrote his ‘Foundation’ trilogy.

    • Adam Solo says:

      Yes, I heard of that, that Isaac Asimov was inspired by the Roman empire when he wrote the Foundation trilogy. Influenced by Gibbon’s ‘Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’ makes sense. I also heard that uncle George was influenced by the foundation trilogy for Star Wars. People always create inspired by something. I’m on the middle of the third book at the moment by the way. Great read!

      • JohnR says:

        I see Adam that in addition to your other good traits, you have great taste in literature as well. ;o) Yes, I revisit the original Foundation Trilogy every couple of years, like Ray Bradbury’s ‘The Martian Chronicles’ and Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune’. I love Arkady Darell from the third Foundation book, one of my favorite scif women. Also, General Bel Rios in the second book was a dead ringer for late Roman Empire generals like Stilicho or Flavius Aetius.

        The 4th Foundation book was generally good, but the ones after that I thought were pretty forgettable. The original trilogy was the best, and in my opinion long, long overdue to be made into a movie.

        Another recommendation I have for you is Robert Heinlein’s ‘Friday’. Not only was she a very cool scifi warrior woman and super agent, but like Doctor Who she was as kind and gracious to her enemies as she was to her friends. :o)

        BTW, the AGEOD team is currently working on a ‘Crisis of the Third Century’ (AD) scenario for their Roman Game Alea Jackta Est, and it of course includes the fabled warrior queen Zenobia of Palmyra. How cool is that?

        • t1it says:

          It’s too bad they’re still sticking to that outdated engine as they make very fine strategy games. I’ve heard the turn timers aren’t as bad as PoN so maybe I’ll check Alea Jacta Est out

  5. t1it says:

    Are they going to finally remove the separate campaign/battle screen? It’s so outdated now, there’s no reason to keep it. Removing it allows for far more interesting and realistic reinforcement systems, army movement and battle tactics. Shogun 2 took a big leap towards an improved tactical AI (FINALLY!!!) and if they can repeat it again with RTW2, then this might be real gem!
    From what I can tell, campaign/strategic/economic layer are going to be dumbed down a bit so that’s a disappointment but the RPG/government aspects are going to be more detailed.

    Anyways we’re up to the biggest change TW had since the first Medieval so hope CA doesn’t f*** this up.

  6. Bryan Bell says:

    Thought I’d chime in here and let people know that Rome: Total War is on sale on Steam today at 90% off for $1.00/1,00€/£1.00 until Friday 2012/09/28 10am PDT. It’s part of a Total War Weekend in which all the Total War games are on sale for 25% off with select ones going on sale at a greater discount each day of the weekend.

  7. Alex Ryden says:

    I also want to add that creative assembly is finally releasing modding tools for shogun 2. They have also promised to upgrade them for Rome 2. There is even hope that the tools can be reverse engineered and used for Empire. I know for some the lack of mod ability was a big negative, so this is pretty good news. Total conversions are now possible.

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