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Predestination: A New Space 4X Game Hits Kickstarter!

By on November 21st, 2012 8:04 pm

Predestination | Turn-Based Space 4X Game

So, after StarDrive and M.O.R.E., now comes Predestination, the third attempt to succeed on Kickstarter with a space 4X game. So far, everybody made it. Daniel DiCicco made it with StarDrive in the Kickstarter pre-historic days and the MORE guys have made it with style, achieving almost double their initial goal for a total of $90,925.

Now, Brendan sends word that he’s on Kickstarter for Predestination. We covered Predestination back in March of this year. At the time Predestination was still on its infancy, a stellar indie venture as I like to call space strategy games that are just taking the first steps.

The Predestination Team proposes a fully turn-based space 4X experience, with 3D galaxy maps, custom races, turn-based tactical space combat, and terraforming. Among all the usual features you expect to find in a space 4X game, like ship design, a sandbox mode or colony management. I didn’t spot their idea for the diplomacy part though. Come on guys, it will not be a 4X game without diplomacy… \Edit: Brendan sent me a message clarifying that they didn’t really focused on Diplomacy in the video or the Kickstarter text, but there will definitely be a diplomacy system very much like MoO2, where you can form trade treaties, exchange technologies, form alliances and such.

I’ve watched their presentation video and read all the Kickstarter text. So, what did I find particularly interesting about these guys? First of all, they really sound very passionate about their project. Their excitement is palpable. They are huge Civilization and Master of Orion II fans (always a good start), they seem to have the required skill and they also seem confident to have found the holy grail to reduce late game micromanagement in 4X games. And just because of that I would back these guys, just to find out what they can come up with their “optional colony blueprint system” that will supposedly solve the micromanagement conundrum in 4X games. And, they are pro DRM-free.

They ask for $25,000 to help them hire more hands and let some of their Team work full-time. It’s not a lot of money. However, they have a series of stretch goals to help them implement more things like online multiplayer, a free mission designer tool, modding tools and a single player campaign.

But, as Daniel DiCicco told me this last Monday, Kickstarter for him was not only about the money he was able to raise but also a lot about getting publicity and the awareness of the public, and publishers. Like Iceberg Interactive, that discovered Dan in Kickstarter and (wisely) decided to invest on his vision. And now, look at what StarDrive has become (or will become)? So it is possible to achieve big with little on Kickstarter.

They plan to release in December 2013, with a feature-complete beta in August 2013, for the PC (Windows) with a possible tablet release in the future.

They say that even if they only achieve the minimum funding ($25,000) that will allow them to pursuit other financing possibilities in the Northern Ireland where the Team is based on, which requires an investor, or Kickstarter in this case.

Ok people, have a good look at Predestination Kickstarter. We can’t let a bold space 4X game studio die before it has a chance to prove its worth. As always, and you know me, I’m a sucker for 4X games, so I’m in!

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  1. TanC says:

    I’m in too! Thanks for the heads-up on this project!

  2. Jeff P says:

    I was impressed as well. This makes the second project I’ve backed. Thanks for the heads-up.

  3. salvo says:

    I’m sure they will get funded considering the relatively low goal. I hope they get enough to implement the stretch goals, too. Though I love the concept of single planet exploration, I wonder how it will work in the traditional 4x context, I think the there may be a formal conflict with the expansion concept. I wonder how the developers plan to integrate both concepts in the gameplay.

  4. Fimbul says:

    Wow, again such an ambitious project with a low goal. I’m curious and hope the best for them and us. so I’m in.

    They already updated their site,, since nearly a year, so lets hope.

  5. Fimbul says:

    I got quick answer after backing and as well when i asked some questions. (well same time zone)

    I really like their ideas, and they are worth to support in my opinion.

    so, no rock-paper-scissors system!!! hurray!!! no upgrad/placeholder techs!!! (GCII/SEV, like Laser I-VII) hurray!!! :D

    so go and back them up. ;)

  6. t1it says:

    I got an e-mail from them…apparently, I’m already signed up for the beta and doesn’t need to support them for my beta spot. i don’t even remember this game… so many 4x games this year…
    Anyways I’m going to support you guys don’t worry. You have ambition which is more important to me than game feature promises:)

  7. Martok says:

    Gah! Another space 4x game on Kickstarter. Stop making me part with my money!! :P

  8. caekdaemon says:

    I don’t think I’ll be supporting this one. Too much like MoO2, something I very much dislike in games.

    • Fimbul says:

      That’s true it looks quite similar to MOOII, but that is what i love. but they have more additional ideas than it seems on the first look. the battles for example, similar but otherwise more tactical with a touch of chess and an initiative system instead of pure rounds.
      or the colonization, much more taste of civilization.

      but you have your own taste, so it’s fine.

  9. oldMooFan says:

    this year others have failed.. it’s hard for someone like me with a low game budget to pledge $$$. Me i like their idea of micro-managment.

    Hope their work on AI help them to be a success story.
    Graphics seem a little low, can problably be better, no 3 D.
    Have not seen alot of tooltips info
    tactical planet combat will be great.

    First look on alpha setup seem promising.

    Still checking for MORE and Star Drive!!!
    LoP and SOTS II are dead for me!!!
    Recently, i have more fun to play a old free tycoon game like Open TTD than 4x games.

    Cosmic supremacy (Web browser game)

    CS have a great system with their Governors (script editor -Load and save colony instructions, orders with conditional like if population x planet build x type of ship (colony ship)

    Gorvenors wiki page ==>

    p.s. i stop to play this game only because the community are too low.

  10. Ashbery76 says:

    The “real” planetary exploration is something new.I will back it.

  11. Gary says:

    I like the extra focus on planetary exploration and development. has a good interview here:

  12. JohnR says:

    As any dedicated gamer knows, graphics are not everything, though as someone else here noted, the graphics do look a bit on the low-end side. I do like the idea of the fleshed out planetary exploration though. I would also add that I cringed when one of the design team mentioned that Star Trek Online was his favorite game! ;o)

    Having been convinced now with Distant Worlds that an RTS grand strategy paradigm is the way to go with big space 4X games, I think I will wait on the reviews of Predestination should it ever see the light of day.

    BTW, I get so tired of hearing about Kickstarter. Is there any space game coming out now that is not using it? As Mike Myers used to say on Saturday Night Live, “Your story has become tiresome!” lol

  13. salvo says:

    apropos kickstarter

    since this hasn’t been mentioned yet here, I’ll do it for the sake of fairness, though the game is more combat oriented and the scope is more limited (one star system per instance), it has some interesting features

  14. Cain says:

    Actually it looks similar to the old star general way back in the early 90’s. Be very interesting on the space and ground combat. That was a good game for its time.

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