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Space Sector’s Bargain List: XCOM Enemy Unknown 35% Off

By on November 10th, 2012 1:47 pm

If you’re thinking in getting your hands on XCOM: Enemy Unknown then here’s a great opportunity to get it with a nice 35% discount. Just go to Green Man Gaming and checkout using this voucher code: GMG35-5BRU6-ZDRX7

When you checkout you’ll get a Steam key, so you don’t need other programs or anything else to play the game.

By the way, they are also offering 25% off on other selected games. The voucher for that promotion is: GMG25-UAAHK-6AI9S

I tried with a few and it worked. Civilization 5: Gods & Kings is one example. Besides getting XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a great deal this weekend would be to get Gods & Kings from Green Man Gaming at 25% (I never saw G&K for less than 15% off since it released) and get the Civilization 5 base game from GetGames currently at 75% off ;) Civ 5 has come a long way and a recent massive patch has been released last week which increased the game’s difficulty, the AI performance and a lot of annoyances got fixed.

Armada 2526 Gold Edition is another good option for the GMG 25% code, although I did seen this one much cheaper than that before.

The codes expire on November 16th at 12:00 UTC (GMT). In case you’re wondering, they don’t stack.

Nice one from Green Man Gaming.

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  1. Cem says:

    a photograph with video games and little boys, make stupid people think that video games are for little boys.

    • Adam Solo says:

      OR, that young boys are getting smarter and they are starting to prefer Strategy. And, I hope they all start following Space Sector soon :)

      • Towerbooks3192 says:

        I wish Adam,…I wish

        My Cousin was just complaining that his little brother is always swearing while playing Call of Duty. Kids these days worship CoD

        • Adam Solo says:

          He loves CoD because that’s what he was given to play. Give him Civilization, Fastar Than Light, Master of Orion 2, Starcraft, X-COM or RPGs like Skyrim and they will love them, even when they shouldn’t play them :D (because of their age).

          Two of my nephews loved Skyrim and Civilization and really wanted to play Civilization 5 by themselves. Or course they were having difficulties learning. Skyrim? The 9 year old was having a blast “clearing” a village with its two handed sword and inventing some story (yes, he shouldn’t be playing … it was just for a few hours :) ). Using the mouse to choose between lots of options is harder than an hand-held gamepad of course. They were 7 and 9 by then.

          In my age I had no alternative than to learn to play. I hated Master of Orion the first day I tried and then I fell in love by it a couple of days after. Kids are just not given the chance to learn and enjoy games where they need to use their heads and imagination.

          The only way to get the young to play strategy is to:

          a) get more strategy games in those consoles: like XCOM: Enemy Unknown
          b) give them strategy games for their PC (when they have them)
          c) Play strategy games with them watching
          d) all the above

  2. Soki says:

    Quote: “When you checkout you’ll get a Steam key, so there’s no third-party tool or anything else required.”
    Steam counts as a third-party tool, no?

  3. SQW says:

    Ahhh, the pre-DLC discount phase of the product life cycle. =)

    How’s that SOTS 2 re-review coming along Adam?

    • Adam Solo says:

      These last weeks have been busy with other titles and news. Re-reviews will have to wait, but due to this re-review importance it will have more priority. Maybe next week I’ll have something but no promises.

  4. pbk says:

    I dont care about X COM or Civilisation!
    I want a distant worlds discount, is that too much to ask!

    • Adam Solo says:

      Patience my friend :) Matrix usually does a sale on the holiday season. Stay alert for news on that somewhere in December.

      • pbk says:

        Bah, Distant Worlds is the only good 4x out there, everything thing else this year seems to be rubbish. I mean what happened to Horizon and Stardrive? We havnt heard anything from them for ages!

        • Adam Solo says:

          Horizon is doing progress. Did you miss the latest screens? Expect more info on StarDrive soon ;) And don’t forget about Star Lords. Lots of potential there, currently on alpha.

  5. Smoking Robot says:

    This is digital download only yes? Rather have a box. I’ll wait for black Friday.

  6. Buatha says:

    “He loves CoD because that’s what he was given to play.”

    I concur with Adam…it’s all about what you let them see or play. I have been playing Demon’s Souls on the PS3 (as well as X-Com on the PC), and my son is always asking me to play either one of those games. He even looks up YouTube video on DS boss fights to “help me out”.

  7. Ermdog says:

    I agree Adam. Most kids now a days are given a console and that’s all they play. If you get them to play these 4x games on PC when they are young then I’m sure they will grow up loving this genre. It’s like with anything else growing up, when you experience something when your young you tend to grow up loving those things you experienced when you were a kid. I grew up playing sports, going to lots of games, listening to Metallica, playing Master of Orion, and I grew up loving everyone of those things today. I don’t even remember how I came to own MoO2. I remember 2 games I played when I was young that started me on the path to strategy game, Warcraft Orcs vs Humans, and MoO2, the rest is history

  8. Adam Solo says:

    @Buatha @Ermdog
    Kids have fun with what they get isn’t it? If it’s sticks then it’s sword fight. If it’s CoD than that’s the deal. Of course, excluding all the social pressure they suffer from their young colleagues as well.

    I can’t summarize in one paragraph why the rise of action, FPS and consoles. That would be quite a debate. But, strategy isn’t dead, far from it. XCOM: Enemy Unknown sold very well (almost 200K units XBox, almost as much PC and slightly less for PS3). Yes, most to satisfy the older generation, but I’ll bet there are a lot of kids right now watching their dads shooting aliens and being indoctrinated.

    We all need role models. For some it was their parents, for others their cousins, but everybody usually gets influenced by someone they care deeply about. Or perhaps a neighbor friend.

    For instance, I started with strategy/tactical games with Rebelstar, later UFO: Enemy Unknown (Julian Gollop). I also started with Civ, Master of Orion (the original) and then Master of Orion 2 (Steve Barcia and Sid Meier). It all started for me because of my cousin. When he arrived with all those new Spectrum tapes and later on 3.5m floppy disks I knew I was going to have a good time. Later on Dune 2: Battle for Arrakis, then Lands of Lore, etc.

    We need more excellent strategy games, especially sci-fi themed, but historic and fantasy ones are also great. Kids love that today as we loved that in our days. We just need more excellent titles. And that’s a big part of what we do here. To find new titles, bring them to the light and give people a chance to implement them. In a few months I expect we’ll have more proof of that. StarDrive started with very few and now it seems well headed for success. I surely hope so. As what Amplitude is doing with Endless Space, and Matrix and CodeForce with Distant Worlds, and Sid with XCOM and Civ, Stardock, Paradox, etc, etc.

  9. Towerbooks3192 says:

    Sins Rebellion on Flash sale!! down to $13+ for 6 hours at the time I typed this

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