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Space Shooter Miner Wars 2081 Released Today on Steam

By on November 28th, 2012 4:55 pm

Miner Wars 2081 | Space-shooter and combat simulation

Fans of space-shooters and space simulation will be pleased to know that Miner Wars 2081 has just been released for the PC, and is now available on Steam with a 20% discount till December 12th 2012. It’s also available on GamersGate, Gamestop and Desura

Miner Wars 2081 is part of the Space Sector’s Sci-Fi/Space Games You Can’t Miss in 2012 list, and it features a fully destructible and persistent universe where you can navigate through 6DoF (six degrees of freedom). There’s a 31 missions single-player story campaign, co-op multiplayer and a death-match mode up to 16 players. Joysticks are supported.

Following the 3-year development of Miner Wars 2081, Keen Software House will now aim on finishing their Miner Wars MMO that they are already pre-selling as a separate product to release in Q4 2013.

Miner Wars 2081 | Weapons and Equipment

Alternatively to Steam, you can also buy Miner Wars 2081 directly from the dev’s website (where you’ll also be offered a Steam key). The game is also available at GamersGate, Gamestop, Desura and retail stores in Czech and Slovak Republic.

Regarding anti-piracy measures, KSH states that they don’t use any sort of DRM protection or activation code on Miner Wars 2081, unless you go with the Steam version I would add. The game is not locked to your computer but an “active internet connection is needed to play the game”, says KSH.

You can grab a demo for Miner Was 2081 at the official website. Happy looting, trading and shooting! :)

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  1. Kyle Rees says:

    I feel let down by their promise of the game being more like Freelancer, plus being able to build stuff in game like stations. I guess my expectations were more X2 or Minecraft, and not just adding stuff through an editor.

    The mining and resource management also seems like an after thought. I guess that is what I get for pre-funding something. =(

    • Adam Solo says:

      Hum, by your words it seems like it is kind of a plain space shooter action experience then, with little else to plan or think about. Is the shooting part fun to play at least? And how “realistic” does the navigation feel, from a simulation point of view, the 6DoF? Does it add anything in that respect?

      • Kyle Rees says:

        It is more FPS like. The campaign is a nice touch, and yeah Descent would be the best game to compare MW to. They just described it as something different when they were raising funds over two years ago.

  2. TanC says:

    From the videos on their site it looks like the movement is more like an FPS than space sim-like. I was hoping for something like the X series as well. Oh well, I’ll wait for the complete bundle (if and when that is made available).

  3. Cem says:

    Modern Descent.

    I think there is no “human” scenes in the game. Just spaceships?

    • Unforgiven says:

      That was my first thought too when i saw the trailer, a modern ‘Descent’. Looks quite cool though !

      • Adam Solo says:

        Same here. I remember Descent. I didn’t play it much at the time. I remember it had something to do with controls or the difficulty. Something prevented me from playing at the time, but I don’t remember what it was.

  4. jpinks says:

    Been trying all day to install the demo and it wont install either manually or from their web installer. Anyone else having this issue?

  5. Ridon says:

    i also funded the alpha because of the things they mentioned :(
    I’m a bit disappointed because it’s mainly shooting … i thought if would be more like an action-X3 but it’s just action :/
    and even on low details and low resolution it’s lagging like hell and normally i can play “Just cause 2” with nvidia 3D! :/

  6. Evil Azrael says:

    I also bought the game during the 50% Alpha offer. If i knew that i would get a steam key, i wouldn’t had bought that game.

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