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Hegemonic: A New Space 4X Board Game [Kickstarter]

By on December 27th, 2012 11:22 am

Hegemonic | Space 4X Board Game

Board games were the genesis for many kinds of strategy video games available today, including space strategy games (and 4X games). So, today, and for a change, I will write about a different kind of space 4X game, a tabletop game. In this case a board game.

Minion Games is currently on Kickstarter for Hegemonic, a space 4X board game of “galactic exploration, empire building, conflict and cunning”. The producers have already launched six previous Kickstarter campaigns for different kinds of board games – including one expansion – and all of them achieved their funding target. However their first attempt with an adventure game, was not successful. Not many (if any) Kickstarter creators can talk about having such a record, with five successfully delivered Kickstarter games, and rewards.

So, the seventh Minion Games’ Kickstarter campaign is a space 4X game. In Hegemonic, each player assumes the role of a Great House Leader, exploring sectors of a new galaxy. You’re expected to expand your industry, exercise political activity and grow your military force during the game’s five different phases: an exploration phase, followed by three action phases, and a special final phase.

Hegemonic | Space 4X Board Game

During the exploration phase, players explore the different sectors and discover new technologies. During the three action phases, players choose one of several action cards which allow them to do a series of actions, including further industrial expansion, sabotaging, subverting or block the opponents’ efforts.

In the final phase, the players position themselves to assume a special late game role, which allows them to manipulate certain aspects of the game, like dealing with excess wealth and income, in order to re-balance all the of player’s power.

Minion Games expects to deliver Hegemonic on July 2013. Of course, this is a physical product, so expect to pay a higher price than video games, which, in this case, includes shipping costs. There are a lot of rewards and in one of them you can even buy more of their games at cheaper price. Have a look at the game’s kickstarter page for the details.

Expect to find more content on space strategy board games in the coming months ;)

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  1. Zeraan says:

    The game looks interesting! Maybe when I get some extra money (will be after their kickstarter ends), I might buy it. Looks like they have some similar gameplay elements from “Race for the Galaxy”, an excellent game.

  2. Raziel says:

    ehm…and why they want crowdfundin o.O?! They didn’t state at their kickstarter page, why they need our money for^^!!! Smells more like a fraud / cash-cow.

    • Adam Solo says:

      From what I could understand, they say that what they ask for the game would not be enough to cover all the publishing expenses. So, I guess that the 30K would allow to cover that (with the reward goodies), plus what they can achieve on the stretch goals (special box, plastic units …) and with merchandising (t-shirts, pins, bags,…) for extra margin.

      So, if you pledge you seem to get the game for a lower price than what they estimate to be selling on retail, and they offer free shipping in the USA. Apparently, you also get the game sooner than when/if available on retail.

      But, they could definitely have done a much better job at explaining their reasons. I dig out most of this info from the “About us” section. Clearly, everybody should have a “Why Kickstarter” section. It should be a mandatory KS requirement.

    • Q says:

      They’re a small, independant games publisher. They don’t have tons of money – if a game like this bombed, it would probably destroy them. Kickstarter provides them with the necessary capital to produce physical copies of the games.

      Sure, they could have just accepted preorders and then cancelled them if they didn’t get enough money to cover expenses. But that’s pretty much how kickstarter works, and kickstarter allows more flexibility.

    • Jim says:

      Using kickstarter has become normal for boutique game producers. It keeps them from tying up all of their capital in one project at a time, given them the ability to run more copies in a run (with the added benefit of having some sales “in the bag”). Kickstarters usually get a copy of the game with small perks as a reward for sticking their necks out. Minion Games in particular has used Kickstarter to great effect, and has an excellent record of satisfaction.

      (I’m not in any way affiliated with Minion Games, but I have met and really like the owner. He’s a great guy, and they make really good games.)

  3. Minion Games says:

    Q is right… we wouldn’t be able to take a bath on a game like this and the publicity and pre-sales we get really help make for a better product that is more available (eg we know how many to print). I’ll see if I can add some of that info to the Kickstarter. Thanks for the replies and thanks to this site for the great article on us!

  4. Baldanzotto says:

    I would love to see more articles about boardgames! How about a review of Eclipse or Exodus? There’s sooo much to talk about: the designer of Hegemonic himself is keeping a pretty detailed list!

    • Adam Solo says:

      Yes, that’s the idea. I’m currently in talks with our board gaming Hero, to see if he’s interested in reviewing board games for SpaceSector. Hope to have news soon. But, we’ll definitely continue covering board games.

  5. Mezmorki says:

    Hello! Thanks for the arcticle! I was just heading over the forums to talk about the game. I’m Oliver Kiley the Designer of Hegemonic and have been working with Minion Games for a while now getting it ready for publication.

    If anyone has any questions about Hegemonic, the design process (or anything else!) feel free to fire away with questions.

    • Adam Solo says:

      Hi Mezmorki, welcome. Good luck with your game in Kickstarter. I see that it’s doing quite well. 30% in the first day hem? ;) Stretch goals now. Cheers.

  6. Jamiri says:

    Well, good luck, but I skip that. Looks all too similar to many games we have already played: Twilight Imperium, Eclipse, etc. etc.

  7. James Mathe says:

    Oliver did a great job explaining how to play the game in his excellent instructional videos.


  8. Mezmorki says:

    Just wanted to drop a line saying that we have met our $30k goal and are now aiming for some of the stretch goals. Please come check out the Kickstarter page!

  9. Mezmorki says:

    If anyone is interested, a rather prominent boardgame reviewer has completed a video review of Hegemonic – check it out below:

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