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Sidius Nova: A New Space Strategy Game Out Now for iOS

By on December 14th, 2012 10:13 am

Sidius Nova: Space Strategy Game for the iOS

Sidius Nova is a new space strategy game that made it on Kickstarter, and that is now available on the Apple’s store for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch iOS devices. It’s a combination of real-time and turn-based strategy, and it’s free at the moment.

The game consists of two major parts: a map and battles. In the map section you control a mothership and you need to explore the nearby planets in order to secure additional resources. You also need to build ships and construct warp gates to allow faster travel through your dominion.

The battles consist in launching different types of ships from your mothership to counteract with what your opponent is launching from theirs. It’s a bit like in chess where you need to balance your tactics well in order to beat your opponent’s moves. In addition to tactics there seems to be some strategy involved in battles as well (not so short-term decisions), as you may decide to use mine layers or shield generator ships, among other purpose ships, in order to achieve supremacy on some aspects.

Sidius Nova: Battles

Apart from the exploration elements, the resource securing and the battles, Sidius Nova also seems to offer other features, like research, to unlock new units. However, I didn’t spot diplomacy options. So, I’m not sure if Sidius Nova qualifies as a 4X game or not.

I’m curious about this space strategy game, which its developers say to be quite deep and complex. That sort of depth and complexity would be surely welcome on the iOS market. You can get the game at iTunes here. It’s currently selling for free. Eventually, we may have review of Sidius Nova. So, stay tuned for that possibility.

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  1. Federico says:

    We need more space strategy and 4X games for android….

    • Adam Solo says:

      I’m sure you had a look at a list I built some time ago for Android. At the time I also felt like you – “there must be some space strategy in Android”. Well, there is. However, nothing quite deep or complex from what I could grasp, though I don’t own an Android, so, I don’t know exactly. Yet.

      Have a look at Star Armada, Star Colonies, Sentinel 3, Blue Libra and Solstice if you haven’t already.

    • RandomBlue says:

      Yeah, I don’t think there’s a single 4X game for Android currently.

    • RandomBlue says:

      I wish they’d port Starbase Orion to Android, IMO that’s the best 4X on iOS and the Android market is huge now, bigger than iOS. Android probably has a larger percentage of techies as well and they tend to be 4X fans.


    • Inginious says:

      I’m so glad iOS is getting all these great games! say what you will, but as of yet, there is no Android game i want from the android marketplace… to many people stealing there, devs know better…

      as for great 4x Games, I’ve yet to find anything better than Ascendancy

      • RandomBlue says:

        Theft isn’t the reason more games aren’t ported. The reason is generally that porting to Android isn’t easy and you have to support a very wide range of phone hardware instead of the most recent 3-4 iPhones.

        Piracy is a problem on both platforms. With the iPhone you just need to JB you phone, install Cydia and then find a package source with pirated software. I’ve never done it on either OS but I know people who have. IMO it’s kinda pointless to pirate games that usually cost $1-$5.

        Personally, I like supporting developers (especially indy ones) by paying for their products.

  2. Mark says:

    Thanks for the heads up Adam, this game looks really interesting. Its just a shame they are releasing all these cool games (for free!!) for a platform I don’t have.

    Does anyone know if there’s a PC emulator for the iOS? That would solve the problem nicely. I know there is an android emulator but I haven’t installed it on my PC because I already have an android tablet. Not sure about an iOS emulator though.

    • Wodzu says:

      @Mark for sure they are, just type “PC emulator for iOS” in search engine and you will get plenty of results. For example there is a free app called iPadian. The problem is that “it cannot use Apple App store for copyright reasons”.

  3. Mark says:

    Is is just me or does the woman in the tutorial videos sound really hot? Reminds me of Corazon Santiago from SMAC.

  4. fafrin says:

    I’ve been given an ipod16g by Santa, whats the best 4x for this at the moment?

  5. elo004 says:

    Sidius Nova is pretty cool. Just read they are working on multiplayer, which is the only thing missing, I think.

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