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Space Sector’s Bargain List: Steam Holiday/Winter Sales

By on December 20th, 2012 4:38 pm

Space Sector's Bargain List: Steam Holiday/Winter Sales

Well, you know the drill by now. Steam has started yet another sale. Now, it’s their Holiday/Winter sale. After their Autumn sale, and their Summer sale, etc. As usual, find sales for space-based, science fiction themed and great strategy games that are currently on Steam.

With the banalization of sales, since so many are done in such a small time span, one can’t help but wonder if these are not the real prices. I mean, when the games are at sale. And, when not in sale, the games are actually more expensive than real price! ;)

Pay special attention to “daily deals” and “flash deals” each day, in which they discount games even further (75% or so). To make sure you receive the maximum discount, you might want to wait until the game you’re interested in becomes available as a daily deal, or then buy it before Jan 5th.

Let’s move on shall we?

Highly Recommended:

Other Space and Sci-Fi strategy deals:

Non-strategy space and sci-fi deals:

Great strategy (non-scifi-space):

These deals are included in the Steam Holiday/Winter sale, that will end on January 5th 2013. However, some promotions may end sooner.

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  1. Dennis says:

    just wanted to let you know, that you mentioned Starvoid twice :)

  2. Marc says:

    I love how Total war games make up 50% of the Great strategy (non-scifi-space) category :P

  3. RandomBlue says:

    FYI, Space Empires V runs horribly on Windows 7/8 so skip it. It has random white flashes that will give you a migraine and I’ve spent hours trying to get it to work properly with no luck. :(

    • Adam Solo says:

      That’s why Space Empire IV gets recommended and V don’t ;) But that’s for other reasons. Thanks for the warning. However, that may not happen with everybody…

      \Edit: Wait, it may indeed happen with everybody with Windows 7/8. I checked Space Empires V’s system requirements (in GamersGate) and they read Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP. Steam mentions Win XP only.

      • Tickle says:

        I have Space empires V working with no flashing.

        It is caused by other programs in the background. Close them all down and just run the game. Its annoying because you cant play your own music while playing (well you can if you trick the game into playing them for you)

        I run Win 7 64bit and its fine for me.

        Another tip which allows a lot of old games to work is to close explorer.exe before running. This got red alert and my old c&c games to work and may work here also

  4. Shea says:

    Hi i was thinking uf picking up Evochron Mercenary and Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion should i buy now or wait for a further price reduction?thx

    • Adam Solo says:

      Well, they are quite different, since Evochron is a space simulator and Sins is a strategy game.

      Sins Rebellion for $19.99 is a good price if you’re totally new to Sins. If you played Sins before I would say that you could wait that it goes down a bit. Wait for the chance to get it with 75% and it would be a great price.

      If you never played Sins, and you’re mostly curious about the Sins Universe, don’t mind finding many people for multiplayer, and the money is short, then Sins: Trinity is a much better choice. It’s much cheaper and it’s basically 85-90% of Sins: Rebellion. But, sometimes the extra 10% are worth it, and that’s why Sins Rebellion is still a great title.

      Check our reviews for both titles, Trinity and Rebellion.

  5. hakkarin says:

    Those are some interesting offers.

    Anyways, I know that I already asked this some time ago, but how is the review on the Enhanced Edition of Swords of the Stars 2 progressing?

  6. Towerbooks3192 says:

    My wallet is crying. I just ordered a new PC and bought a couple of stuff.

    Hey Adam! About Europa Universalis 3, I think its better to recommend Europa Universalis 3 Chronicles rather than the complete edition since the complete edition is a bit misleading since it is the one with the base game, Napoleon’s Ambition and In nomine expansions while the Chronicles is the real complete collection because it has Heir to the throne and Divine Wind (forgot if the sprite packs were included).

    As for Sins, I think its also better to recommend only Rebellion to those who havent had it yet since rebellion is basically Sins with a little bit extra

    • SQW says:

      Haha, I hear you. I usually only have no more than $30-100 in my PayPal account so any Steam sales will require a 3-5 day fund transfer period – plenty of time cool off from impulse purchases.

      • Towerbooks3192 says:

        Pretty much spent a lot on GOG and Gamersgate sales and now that Hitman Absolution is pretty tempting!! I just bought a lot I mean I just got King’s bounty warriors of the north, far cry 3, RPG maker vx ace, Eador, and a lot of things off GOG.

        I am trying to think about purchasing Hitman I mean once I purchase something now, steam has a game that I sort of wanted to by a long time ago at a killer price. I can’t beg mum to loan me more money now. She went to $1200 instead of the promised $800 for my computer budget and she got me a Razer Arctosa and a Turtle Beach P11 that was on sale for a total of $120. I thing she will kill me if I will ask her to lend me $30 for Hitman Absolution or even stretch it to $40 if I want to get it with the DLCs as well.

        • Adam Solo says:

          Maybe you should get a part-time job or something :) Or maybe you could work for your mom :D Maybe wash the car, do shopping. That, or an allowance.

        • SQW says:

          Haha, I keep my PayPal account low specifically to prevent the temptation of major holiday sales.

          Btw, Greenman Gaming usually has much better price than Steam or GG for newer releases. I used to use GG extensively but have since switched to GMG. You might find some extra savings there.

        • Towerbooks3192 says:

          I have a job and I am not yet married and just because of cultural tradition we tend to stay together with our parents or I guess its also because we don’t have relatives here in Australia so we have to stick together. What usually happens is that I am saving for Uni and have enough money to pay my bills but mum sort of borrows my money in the mean time and pays me back. I don’t have any other bills to pay so might as well help out and get to here good side. She got her a digital photo frame yesterday and I helped her move her pics so she would not think twice to let me lend a little bit more money.

          Will have to check GMG. I heard a lot of good things about it and I feel GG is a bit expensive at times.

        • SQW says:

          Hitman’s on 50% at GMG atm so you’ll only have to pony up $25. PLUS $5 cash back! Have fun.

        • Towerbooks3192 says:

          Saw the hitman deal. I just thought that I kind of avoided stealth games because I am a bit sloppy with executing my targets back in the PS2 days. I basically killed all the guards on one of the levels. I guess I will just clear things out first so I have lesser backlog during the new year.

      • Adam Solo says:

        Not having much money in Paypal also works for me, because of the time it takes to transfer funds ;) Not games-wise but other things, mainly books and other stuff.

    • Adam Solo says:

      Thanks for the tip. So, Chronicles is better than Complete. Complex products, these Paradox titles.

      I couldn’t find Europa Universalis 3 Chronicles though, at least not on Steam.

      Regarding Sins, you’re absolutely right. Rebellion is highly recommended, but only to people that are completely new to Sins. If you’re a Trinity veteran you should probably wait that it goes down a bit further to 75% or 80% off. That is explained in the review, and as the link to the review is there I think people have everything they need to decide.

      • Towerbooks3192 says:

        If you find the EU complete in the search bar click it and when you see its store page, Chronicles is in there along with the options to buy the DLCs in one go. Yeah PI titles are confusing and their DLCs are aggravating and hard to keep track since they do mini DLCs and sprite packs.

        They had a great deal on Crusader Kings 2 the other day and for $12 you could get all except the new Russian Songs/portrait/unit pack

        • Adam Solo says:

          I still couldn’t find it using Steam search. But I used google and then I find it. Conclusion, Google search is better to find Steam products than Steam’s own search :)

        • Towerbooks3192 says:

          Will keep that in mind. I know there were times that Steam’s search really annoyed me. Chronicles is a bang for your buck at $14 something.

  7. Mezmorki says:

    Too bad Armada 2526 doesn’t have the expansion ;(

    And I’m guessing because it’s a steam install you can’t add the expansion later?

    • Chris says:

      No, that should not be a concern. A lot of games are installed with their expansion packs. Perhaps it’s some license nonsense or a contract that is limited to the main game. Do not get it without the expansion though.

      Try to buy it on GreenManGaming, I got it for a few dollars there. It is worth it.

  8. Happy Corner says:

    Endless Space is currently 66% off instead of 50%, and will be until tomorrow. Sweet!

  9. Powermaniac says:

    Adam any thoughts on what I should buy for multiplayer for myself and two mates. I`ve been looking at Gemini Wars but after watching some gameplay I`m not sure. I could get Star Ruler for them as I already have it but I found the ship designs dull, ship design options and galaxy simulation amazing considering the ridiculous size I could run (also loved the realistic solar systems something that bugs me about SoaSE:R).

    Sins Rebellion is out as it costs too much. I prefer real time by the way…

    Anyway any help/thoughts is/are appreciated.

  10. Powermaniac says:

    Bumping for attention from Adam Solo for the above post as the sale is nearly over.

    • Adam Solo says:

      Taking into account the “Highly Recommended” titles only, and since you prefer real-time and want to play with 2 friends, I would say that Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion would probably be your best choice. I played multiplayer and found it fun. It’s at 66% at the time of this comment. A good bargain.

      You may also want to check Armada 2526: Gold Edition on GamersGate. It’s quite cheap at the moment and it has multiplayer via Lan, Hotseat and PBEM. The game is turn-based but the battles (although not as great as Sins) are played in real-time.

      If you want non-space 4X my choice would be Civ5 and Civ5:G&K at 50% off. Good deals also. Civ5:G&K after the recent mega patch, is now probably the best Civ experience ever. Highly recommended. You three will have fun.

      XCOM: Enemy Unknown is expensive, and multiplayer only allows 2 players at the same time in deathmatch (and you only play the tactical part of the game). But, XCOM:EU’s tactical gameplay is probably the best of its kind, so, you may want to check it.

      If you want to go old-school, then Master of Orion 2: Battle of Antares on GOG is a good choice. You have hotseat (all three of you can play at the same time) or network also (up to eight).

      Or, go with Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, on GOG also. It has multiplayer also, and it’s still one of the best sci-fi strategy games ever.

      Hope this helps :)

      PS: I’m yet to review Gemini Wars. If you like Star Ruler, then it could be a good choice also. I mean, the game is ridiculously cheap at the moment. Nothing to lose really.

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